Friday, January 23, 2009

No Sex! Please! We're Malaysians!

"...The country's conservative Islamic party have called for the 20-year-old American to be banned for her provocative stagewear.

They say Rihanna's skimpy outfits from her "Good Girl Gone Bad" tour would be an insult to Asian values.

But even if the Umbrella star reined in her sexy clothing, it seems global politics also threaten her chances of playing the Southeast Asia federation on February 13.

The Pan-Malaysian Islamic party (PAS) has led protests against the US over its support for Israel.

One of the party's youth leaders warned potential concertgoers that buying tickets would help boost America's war chest. ..."

Rihanna Too Sexy for Malaysia


Salak said...

Hey Shrek!

You know someone in the Government we could call to see this concert? ;))

shrek said...

Asian values or PAS youth perverted vales? PAS cannot talk for the Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Ibans, Portugese etc etc. If PAS youth don't like Rihanna, they can stay away, nobody is asking or forcing them to watch.

Buying FRihanna ticket will enhance the US war chest? These people need to have their Otak otak checked, need to add more rom chips. US is spending US$ 1 billion a month for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and none of this is coming from Rihanna.

The Min of Health needs to control the sale of 'mycoxisfloppin' to PAS members. They don't need these and secondly it will enrich the US pharma cos.

shrek said...

Try and have Francis Yeoh and gang arrange a private performance in Putrajaya to celebrate CNY. Then open it to the public. The "Mayor" of KL can do wonders.

shrek said...

The concert promoter should donate one performance and call it Concert 3 R, Raihan, Rihanna and Rabbani. All proceeds will go to PAS Youth Gaza Fund. Now we're talking.

By the way how do Pas Youth know about Rihanna being sexy? They must have secretly seen her videos, got syiok and now trying to prevent others from having same ecstasy.

Salak said...

[ do Pas Youth know about Rihanna being sexy?...]

Ya lah how do they know? :))

How many censorship boards have we?!

Salak said...

Hey shrek!

You can book a ticket home now!

Rihanna is coming to wiggle her way through PAS Youths' hearts! :))

shrek said...

Tey need to come up with a good definition of SEXY. It's really subjective.
Soon Malaysia will become like the Arab world, put a skirt around a pole and it becomes sexy. No wonder the number of incest, rapes and other sexual crime is growing among the Malays in Malaysia. Everything is sexy. They can't control their desires.

Salak said...

["...good definition of SEXY..."]

Yeah, I agree, shrek! I suppose a fully clothed and tastefully dressed woman can be sexy. To go along with that extensible definition, we need to tweak other extensibilities !!! :))

BTW, Where is our Renaissance Hadhari Man? Still in Mid East watching belly dancing? :))

Jong said...

Salak, I suppose fully clothed as in 'ketupat' but how do you stay sexy?
Aiyaa luuuu, what a waste of imagination!

shrek said...

Why watch a Rihanna concert in Malaysia? No sexy dresses and always worried about Pas youth. Here I can watch Rihanna, Simpson, Spears, Aguilera in the skimpiest outfit and most provocative body movement on stage every week, and tickets are cheaper too.
Go to Vegas and watch Jubilee the longest topless revue. Book early and Get the front seats. See a pair once and you've seen them all.

Salak said...

I thought Ruth Sahanaya in her kebaya was pretty sexy, eh Jong! ;)

Vegas, well, nothing like Vegas!

Err ... That was where I had my first full menu Arabic dinner, spread out in a big huge dish! And in a huge Tent they put up in a Park, can't remember, exactly.

And of course, belly dancing!

Actually, I was busy eating! Never had it so good eating an Arabic feast before! :))

Salak said...

["...One of the party's youth leaders warned potential concertgoers that buying tickets would help boost America's war chest. ..."]

These political posturing can get so ridculous. They should know that the Americans gave money to both the Israelis and Palestinians. Why would a two night concert make any difference?

In any case at 21, Rihanna doesn't look like she needs any further boosts anywhere. She's sufficiently and naturally well endowed! :))

shrek said...

Full Arabic menu, was it Middle East or North African? I prefer the North African such as Morroco, Tunisia and Algerian, more mediterranean versus the bland Arabic fare.

You must have eaten at Alladin. The place is now under a different name.

Salak said...


It was quite a while ago! Come to think of it, was rather mild but extremely sweet stuffs; even the mutton and bird were sweet; spice was mild too but aromatic. But I wouldn't know their origins.

Yeah, Alladin was it! :))

Jong said...

I had that similar style of serving at an Euthopian restaurant in Toronto. I guess most of the Arabs eat in that style - everyone dipping into the big plate that's call "sharing" lah!

Jong said...

Oops, spell "Ethiopian"

shrek said...

Salak and Jong

The food sounds more like North African either Morrocan or Tunisian because of the bird, sweet and aromatic.
Style of eating is definitely middle eastern. There's an etiquette in eating from the big round dish which is seldom observed. Eat the food nearest you, don't stretch your hand to take food across.