Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SUMPAH : Impromptu and misprompting but still President

ROBERTS:(working without a text, and also without an overcoat): Are you prepared to take the oath, Senator?

OBAMA: I am.

ROBERTS: I Barack Hussein Obama ...

OBAMA: (interrupting) I Barack ...

ROBERTS: Do solemnly swear ...

OBAMA: I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear ...

ROBERTS: That I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully...

OBAMA: That I will execute ... (pauses, smiles, waits for Roberts to put "faithfully" in correct spot)

ROBERTS: ... The off ... faithfully the pres ... the office of president of the United States...

OBAMA: The office of president of the United States, faithfully ... (if you can't beat 'em, join 'em)

ROBERTS: And will to the best of my ability ...

OBAMA: And will to [the] best of my ability ...

ROBERTS: Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

OBAMA: Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

ROBERTS: So help you God?

OBAMA: So help me God.

ROBERTS: Congratulations, Mr. President.

By the Constitution of USA, he was already Prez at noon, a few minutes before that! So does SUMPAH matter? Ask Najib Razak. He swears even in his sleep!!!


peng said...

So help you God, Najib for swearing in vain!
Obviously God did not helped him in PP. Although he swore in God's name, still lost.
So, jangan main-main. Next time, something awesome might happen..

shrek said...

Najib was just singing the Boyz2Men song I Swear. That was top when he was randy.

Jarod said...

Najib can swear in anything. God does not trust him anymore. he is a liar!!

shrek said...


In Hinduism there are many gods such as Murugan, Krishna and Vishnu. So not sure which one Ajib swears by in front of Ji.

Salak said...

Hey Jarod,

I memang sumpah terkejut after reading this post analysis of KT Bye-Election. Listen to this!

["...And according to analyst Mr Ong, the level of support for BN fell the most among those below 35. It dropped by 4.4 percentage points, against a fall of less than two points for other age groups. ..."

Carolyn Hong, The Straits Times ..."

Unemployment must be skyrocketing?

shrek said...

Obama didn't waste any time. Day one and he already froze executive pay and put up more stringent conditions for lobbyist.
Not the "work for me , work with me" style, after 5 years no action, flip flop and always dozing off. Started off with "belum baca repot" and now nak habis term baru kata "wants to make changes" Baca report dulu lah dan lepas tu ambil tindakan bukan tindasan, apa punya teladan?

Jong said...

They are different kettle of fish altogether, how to compare? To compare is a great insult to the Americans!

As it is, PM Abdullah Badawi or for that matter any leader within his government wither UMNO or BN, are way behind our neighbours in Asian standards!

shrek said...

Once fish inside kettle they become cioppino. Can't differentiate between tenggiri and talapia.

Why use kurau to make fish stew when catfish would suffice? It's in the flavor or eating. Good fish make good curry.

Notice difference in asam pedas ikan terubok versus ikan tongkol?

Anyway NO COMPARISON. Obama full of stamina, very sincere, and appealing smile. Badawi, smirk, talk with fork tounge and very shifty look.

Anonymous said...

The mechanism for appointment of the Prez by "TIME" rather than the ceremonius oath must be the result of painfull experience. You know, as it is in Malaysia were the PM, say from PR to be appointed, you have all the COUNDUITS of CORRUPTION willing to take hostage of the PM to be!

Is the OATH of supreme importance or the WILL of the RAKYAT? In the case of the US, the will of the Rakyat is the substance.

I won't be at all surprised if the Judases of UMNO the help of you-know-who might hijack Najib before he can take Office! That would be fun! :))

Jong said...

To the Americans, the best man wins. Each and every one of their candidates for Presidency had to go through months of campaigning and be subject to severe gruelling by citizens and political parties on both sides of the divide. This is to ensure the candidate chosen is acceptable before the people and that he has the ability to hold the job of nation's No.1 CEO and able to lead the nation forward, not sleeping on the job!

Malaysians have become suckers through no fault of theirs? - the Prime Minister of Malaysia is the choice of 177(not sure the actual number, UMNO chieftians of their respective branches. Even those so-called "equal partners" like MCA, MIC and Gerakan have no say, just collect rents and do the running dog role!

It's such a big a shame and a laughing stock for the all the world to see. Malaysian history shows we have had a racist dictator, an idiotic sleepyhead, and very soon may even tainted personalities like an alleged murderer helming the top leadership if nothing is changed soon!

Jong said...

"I won't be at all surprised if the Judases of UMNO the help of you-know-who might hijack Najib before he can take Office! That would be fun! :))" - Anon

That's not funny, looks real! It'll be easier if he suffers a heart attack.

Btw where's Bean? Sold to Afghanistan to become an Afghan bride? Salak, Shrek, you know something? :D

Salak said...


He's probably grown his stalk past the clouds of Gunung Salak! :))

Jong said...

That's a good one Salak!
Hahaha! adoii perut sakit lah! Inbetween doing chores and checking emails at the same time.

Salak said...

Well, he might still wrestle with the giants in the clouds. You can trust the fler to do that! Let's hope nothing come crashing down our heads! ;))

shrek said...

Hope Bean doing OK wherever he is. He's set too many fires under too many people. Perhaps he's taking a break or looking for a new identity.

Jarod said...

Any one have melamine left for C4? It was quite good for him. Or perhaps, may be some one should give me some $ to buy Viagra and we give it to him as a CNY present. We have to be a good citizen of Malaysia...

Bila dapat Blue pills, wow... he will have SHOCK SHOCK TIME!!!! Aunty Rose Sure happy and wanted more than we expected... TIBA TIBA, C4 cannot take it... Tml headline - Flag was hang half from the pole in honour of....XXXXX

PS: All your threads are FAST and Furious that I cannot catch up! Jong, I doubt your AGE lah!!!! :D

Jarod said...

Shrek, Obama is doing "Action talk louder than word"!! He is doing what he must do. he is facing serious note and all the continents are now looking at him to see how he would change the landscape of US.

Malaysia? Ah Dui... Talk about Malaysia I wanna pengsan la... Tu C4 is blowin' in the wind la... haih, but I have "Smokes gets in my eyes" now when i see the way we compare C4 and Obama! :S

shrek said...

How can you compare C4 to Obama, grad of Nottinghan (unidentified major) vs Yale Law School?
Obama carries no baggage unlike C4 with the toilet seat cover around his neck.
Obama is trimming the wings of lobbyist while C4 entertains dropout Shitful request for a scholarship.
Next couple of days watch what Obama has in store.

Salak said...


Stay away from those blue pills!

The Police and the Court are busy charging very busy charging and sentencing Ong Yew Hock.

Yew Hock should have been smarter and recruited the whole bunch of Judges and Policemen as resellers.

Who doesn't know "sildenafil" is Viagra?

Just in case, here's what Wiki has to say on "sildenafil"!

s said...


Wackypedia had it listed as mycoxisfloppin.

Salak said...

Kamus Dewan latest edition says something about "longifoliaincoma"!

Reminds me of my back pain! I'll need a "tongkat" one of these days! :))

Salak said...

The BIG question is -


If Yew Hocks concoction is dangerous, SO TELL US HOW AND WHY SO!

That's what we paid these Policemen and Judges for!

shrek said...

Yew Hock needs to get Min of Health approval first. Should give samples to Sleepydick, Elmer Fudd Jib, Gua Suay Luck, and pay them endorsement fees. Throw in a few china dolls for product testing. Then they say "I was offered, so cannot refuse"

Salak said...

You heard what shrek is saying, Jarod!?

It does take a lot of helluva something to get it up and going! :))

Maybe Rihanna might shake things up a bit! :-)

Jarod said...

I need DOUBLE SHOTS of Tequila!!!

Salak, in short, our former Badminton player need to give sample to them lah... haih, why so Brainless wan lah.... Give them try out then everything will be OK right?

I am so sorry to BLUE PILLS. Thought of promoting it, but fail. Sad.

Anyway, If you do not know, there is something more safer. Hazelnut pill. Created by a Malaysian Professor. :)

Will elaborate that later on.

I am going to IPOH IN another few hours. The time is 2.47 AM now!!!HAPPY CNY!

Cannot reply u until I am back to KL :)

shrek said...

Yew Hock's concoction may be too strong. Warning label on blue pills " If erection last more than 4 hours, see an ER"
Gomen afraid too many visits to ER may cause backlog ooops wrong word back and log. Election supposed to be once every 4 years.
Pas youth afraid too many elections may lead to increase in sex crimes.