Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GOVERNMENT OPPRESSION - BN seized party Newspapers

Pas decries seizure of party newspapers

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 11 – Pas has condemned confiscation of both Harakah and Suara Keadilan, blaming it on authorities rattled by coverage of the Perak crisis.

Both party newspapers complained that authorities yesterday had seized their latest editions in Perak, Kedah and Selangor.

“We believe the action was taken because of their reporting of the Perak crisis,” the HarakahDaily website quoted Pas information Datuk Mahfuz Omar as saying.

“This curtails media freedom and insults the people as their right to information has been denied,” he said, adding it was against any democratic norms.

MORE at The Malaysian Insider


"Our sources tell us the impact of newspapers during the by-election had angered the Barisan Nasional leadership and we expect the situation to get worse after Najib becomes Prime Minister," said Chua, who is better known as Tian Chua.

He estimated 20,000 copies of Suara Keadilan have been seized by the Home Ministry from vendors across the country.

"They are intimidating the vendors by issuing warning letters and we expect many of them to discontinue selling Suara Keadilan. M O R E ...


peng said...

To BN it is not oppression nor intimidation. It's just doing their job, to keep peace and order. Tau tak, when BN protest, it is justified. Police presence to jaga them. When the rakyat protest, we are biadap, need the whole nation's police to press us down (like your excellent picture here).
Really, we tax-paying citizens are actually 2nd class citizens!

Jong said...

For decades UMNO and Barisan Nasional(BN) have been telling the Rakyat, be grateful for what you got, what you are today so just shut up and let us lead!

Jong said...

That's a fantastic picture you've got, Salak!

Trouble's brewing within UMNO and several camps have emerged!

Perak has created history. The state with two MBs - the legitimate Rakyat's choice has been sidelined while the phoney one screwed up MCA, has appointed Gerakan's Chang Ko Youn as his adviser. Soon they will name the state:

Perak Darul Zalim.

Salak said...

I was struck by the picture of this sand sculpture.

It really does carry the message. Look at the grimace - the human spirit stiffled and repressed.

Search me, what they are talking about of this Islam Hadhari or Civilizational Islam! What do they expect? When Muhammad (pbuh)chidded the same repressive early Meccans then, his message from his God was to restore human dignity.

Now the UMNO goons are saying the Sultan is God's representative! To repress on behalf of their God? Sounds like they are on the planet of the apes!

peng said...

The picture graphically represents how the rakyat is being oppressed. There will be a tipping point, when enough is enough. And we will overthrow the evil regime.

Jarod said...

BN Boleh buat macam macam, tetapi, Rakyat Boleh hancurkan BN! muahhaha!

peng said...

'And we will overthrow the evil regime.'

Ahem! Salak, we will overthrow via next GE! Non violence!

Jong said...

I am not sure anymore, whether UMNO is digging the Sultan's grave or the Sultan is digging UMNO's grave!

We'll see about that GE-13.

Jong said...

"The Selangor sultan today became the first royal to break his silence and quell debate over the Perak’s palace decision to switch governments, saying “the extent of displaying rudeness to the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, have saddened and disappointed me."

- I wish to remind His Royal Highness that 'respect is mutual'

Jong said...

Oops, forgot to mention that it was reported in The MalaysianInsider.

Salak said...

I'll second that, respect is mutual. Rather meaningless on a one track idea. Or of a one track mind.

Not less than many Malaysians are indignant over this unnecessary crisis, piling on another that had engulfed the globe.

Jarod said...

Respect is earn, not by saying you want it and you get it. This is by the new generation rules. Oh well, I dwell in education field, I understand this term very well.

now a days people want to earn the respect, not by immoral ways.