Sunday, February 8, 2009

Karpal to Anwar: "Bertaubat"

"Bertaubat," says Karpal to Anwar.

Or the Opposition Coaltion will sink!

Or so it goes, the Star reported.


Jarod said...

No more Bertaubat. Malaysiakini said Karpal force Anwar to QUIT.

Salak said...


By the sound of it, Karpal is being practical, and perhaps a little superstitious! ;)

Salak said...

9:08 Jong SMS 10,000 people flocked the MB's residence!

Some 60 minutes later, another 10,000 swamped in!

Anwar Ibrahim is main Speaker!

Jarod said...

Anil last blog it was around 30K~
crazy lots! more or less like Ceramah time!!!!