Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PERAK in Limbo - Ceramah, Sunday 8 February 2009

Photo Credits: anilnetto.com | Jong | Lai Peng


Salak said...

We cannot have Perak and it's rakyat and consitutionally installed Government neither here no there!

When will Perakians rock this limbo out?

Jong said...


Any bright sparks around?

Salak said...

Sorry! Tak ada inspirasi lah!

This limbo should rock one way or another!

Jong said...

Till late last night - 10pm wed, the road infront and leading to Perak UMNO HQ - Jalan Gopeng is still closed to traffic. It has been a week now. Barricades are still up 24/7 wonder why? Is UMNO afraid of moving ground underwhich they stand and Perakian's fury? Does Jalan Gopeng belong to UMNO?

This has greatly inconvenienced the general public and sorely, blatant abuse of power by whoever ordered the road closure!

peng said...

Seem like they are cowards! Idiots!
Perakians who still support BN memang idiots!