Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now Malaysia slumping into limbo? Could we help it?

This very morning, the legal resolution is sought in Court for the determination of the confusion in Perak of who the legitimate Menteri Besar, Nizar or Zambry. That's fine, let's help it that way.

The Royal Malaysia Police, under the stewardship of Hamid Albar has committed the gravest of errors in a civilized society, so-called, as Malaysia. This is treachery against the rule of Law imbued in the Constitution. It's a TREASON to drag the Honorable Speaker of any Dewan Undangan Negeri to be questioned by the Police.

The Inspector General of Police who authorized this should vacate his Office to save the Nation further disgrace.

Bar slams police for questioning Perak Speaker
By Debra Chong

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 – The Malaysian Bar Council has denounced the interrogation of the Perak state assembly speaker by the police.

Its president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said yesterday's police questioning was “ill-advised” and “violates the doctrine of the separation of powers in the legislative assemblies”.

“It’s setting a dangerous precedent because the Speaker cannot be interfered with,” she told The Malaysian Insider today.

“He enjoys certain privileges and immunities under the Federal Constitution and certain enactments in Perak,” she added.

Ambiga explained that the implications of the police’s action is very dire, even if the questioning appears to be a routine procedure.

“Once it starts, no legislative assembly is safe anymore. No speaker will have the freedom to carry out his functions and duties as speaker if he is subjected to questioning by outside forces,” she said, noting that V. Sivakumar was called in for questioning in his official capacity.

“Unless respect is given for certain basic, core principles, if anything goes, it will not promote the rule of law,” Ambiga concluded.


Salak said...

I'm surprized no one produced a photo of the Speaker in a sarung!

Jong said...

All these have to stop - signs have shown this beloved country of ours is heading down the chute of DOOM!

If the federal UMNO-led government is unable to handle the situation, they should all resign, go back to the Rakyat, call for fresh election to elect in a new and responsible government that has the support of the people and not against the people!

shrek said...

The Speaker should have asked the Polis what questions they have and then decide if he wants to answer them or not. If it pertains to his work and duties as a Speaker, he does not have to answer to the Polis. He can charge the Polis with trespassing and anyone making report for contempt.

Salak said...

"...He can charge the Polis with trespassing and anyone making report for contempt...." -shrek

I'm not quite sure how the Law works in Malaysia anymore. The whole thing is a fiasco - you have father-in-law [FIL], son-in-law [SIL] which is also sister-in-law. Then, there's brother-in-law[BIL].

It seems the Speaker of the DUN is anybody but an "in-law". Then it was never stated why he was interrogated; whether he was caught in his sarung watching Astro or catching-up on some work.

Recently, The Selangor Chief of Police when asked if there would be an investigation by the Police about the shootings of 6 housebreakers or alleged gangsters (including one Sarawakian) in WP, he smartly declared, "If there is something, we will act on it. And if there is nothing we wil do nothing" and words to the effect. But of course, you can't tell if its one way or the other.

If we expect some official information of this incident, this is something they will fall back on. I think they learn this from the Great Manager, Pak Lah. He's fond of saying, "We'll do what needs to be done!" Which of course means he's going for his Sleepwalk come day or night.

This incident of the Police hustling the Speaker is a very grave matter. In the unlikely event that a catastrophe occurs - the MB, the DMB and some senior politicians get into an accident, the NEXT PERSON in the line of power or succession for such a case should be The Speaker. That's how important the Speaker is. In the US, you have this President Tempore, 2nd highest ranking Senate Member, the highest being the Vice President. The President Tempore is 3rd in-line of succession of power!

The Police should not mess around with the Speaker and should revere his position and his person - which means they should have "adat" respect him! The Police maybe 99.99% Malays, but they appear to be taught to be "kurang adat" and "kurang ajar". I don't know if thats near enough to "menderhaka"!

shrek said...

Not Kurang Ajar or Kurang Adat but Kurang Asin.

shrek said...

Sorry Salak, should be Kurang Asam.