Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Perak in Limbo: Zambry snitched and stitched

Zambry seeking "pandangan"?

If a picture paints a thousand words, a video does much much more! Thanks to NTV 7 I captured this clip of yesterday 8.00pm news. So I snitched this news item and stitched it up for you!

See how Zambry, Phd, displays his prowess!


peng said...

Oh pray Salak, don't tell me he sleep talk!
I have not viewed what you snitched, but let's see..won't be anything we already don't know!

Salak said...

Oh, you belum "pandang"?

Mana Lu? Somewhere up the mountain? Or stuck in a lift? ! :-))

peng said...

Oi in Office la! Cannot on the volume! Nanti kena sack! Or if I hyperventilate after listening to him sell minyak gambir..how?

Jong said...

He has learned to flip-flop like his boss Mr Flip-flop Abdullah Badawi. Both claimed to be man of the people - one PM, the other MB of all Malaysians!

One day it's QC from London, next day he denied it when disgust and uproar came even from direction of UMNO camp!

Salak said...

Err ... Jong!

We paid for this butthead.

What can his "local" team do without the QC's ideas and expetise? Dia pandang pakai belakang, buang angin pakai mulut!

I hope Nizar sues even for the costs all this while of Zambry Phd, drinking coffee from the MB's Office kettle. That's ours lah! ;-))

Even if he pays, that would have been our money too! :((

Jong said...

Apparently he lost no time stripping up all carpets for new ones including furniture at State Secretariate!

He's taking that Mamakfler's advice - spend even during an economic bloom! Rakyat's money whattt!

Next is MB's official residence otherwise he won't move in. So we know why Nizar was given notice to evict?

Jong said...

ooops, correction, should read:

"economic gloom"

peng said...

Ok Salak, I just viewed the dr. minyak gambir talk. Of all the words that came out from that gap, I only heard and registered and agree to this; 'rakyat lebih maklum'.

I am rakyat Perak. He's damn right I, as the rakyat lebih maklum what sh*t he's trying to sell to us!

Someone help him close that gap before he's choked on his own words!

Salak said...


I believe generally, Perak people won't give the fler an ear. The Palace has in some unwitting ways encouraged public notice of legal issues. And with Wira UMNO like Zambry and his Mentor, not many things could go right!

The entangled legal issues will air their perspective which the public might find as heavy stuff. But the limbo has emphasized its importance and the need for ever more greater governance.

Salak said...


I read up that Perak used to be a very wealthy State. Concerns like yours will make people think more about the economy than legends and fairy tales!

Salak said...

Hey Shrek,

Are you still seeking "pandangan"s ?

Or pandang 'dah jemu? ;))

Jong said...

Yeah, Perak used to be a wealthy state - that's what everybody on the outside thinks! Yes wealthy until Ramly Ngah Talib when he was MB for over a decade. Perhaps he should be investigated too, as to where all those wealth had gone.

Can anyone explain how Kinta Valley, Perak - one of the richest region in the world for tin-ore deposits, is today a failed state and about the poorest in the country?

On Legends, I am not too well versed but I definitely know HRH Sultan Azlan Shah has never spend a single night at Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar. I understand it has something to do with an old royal 'curse', well call it a "hew" if you want!

Perhaps older generation of Perakians may be able to give some light to this royal secret.

Jarod said...


Tu MIB dah Pandang terlalu jauh...

I think he is really nyanuk not knowing that Malaysian know more better than him...

He is from Which School? Banyak Xia Xuey lah!

Salak said...

...He is from Which School? Banyak Xia Xuey lah! ...

The better people are not attracted to UMNO culture, perhaps Jarod! I guess some will say they're "meluat". Your talent and skills will not find room for nurturing with them, because how to work on snake oil? :))

With UMNO all you have to do is BOHONG and its alright with them!

I don't know gambir works at all any other way! :))

Salak said...


Whatever happened to pewter made of tin alloy?

Is this dead now?

Jong said...

A dying industry but ok lah there's Selangor Pewter in KL and Oriental Pewter in Ipoh.

shrek said...

Menjeling menjeling memandang memandang.
Pada pandangan Shrek, UMNO and BN are like drowning person, grabbing anything that floats including those kaka that someone had just excreted upriver. You know when you say "nak pergi ke sungai"

Jarod said...

Snake is not ordinary oil right? Its even more oily and we cannot catch em right!!! Goreng also cannot, eat also cannot (Ade toxic), minum sure die, ade ape guna? :D