Saturday, March 28, 2009

Batang Ai | Art of Posters - a state of affairs?

They're up or in and up. Look! Posters in the river! Brighten up the Great "Ai" a bit! Batang or bukit or whatever!

Elsewhere at the two Bukits...

What's cooking at the two bukits?

At Bukit Selambau, PAS workers potray such clear thoughts about work and purpose. They're not in it for the "markup". They're in it for all of us. We could help them - by picking up Batang Ai on 7th!

"....Bukan itu sahaja, PAS Pulau Pinang juga menetapkan beberapa petugas sepenuh masa di lokasi berkenaan bagi merancang program bersama dengan jentera PAS Kedah untuk mengelak pertindihan dan menyelaraskan aktiviti agar tidak bertembung.

Jenteru itu, untuk memudahkan operasi semua petugas diminta menghubungi Setiausaha PAS Kawasan masing-masing untuk mendapatkan maklumat terkini atau lapor diri untuk menjalankan tugas di sana nanti. ..."

Harakah Online

In Bukit Gantang, UMNO, has panicked. They want to "kill Nizar". They did try and it didn't work. Nizar will win big in Bukit Gantang. And what's more, the vote count will be "bergantang-gantang". Perhaps Nizar will win with just one vote less of the limit for deposit loss, not to descredit the the electorate but to kill off any lingering arrogance of the UMNO followers. That could be done softly with just a song! Nizar is potential front Malaysian leadership material!


pengthots said...

'Nizar is potential Malaysian leadership material!'

Could not agree with you more.
He is God-fearing and has a solid commitment in what he is doing. I don't see him as power-crazy. He's speaking on behalf of the ordinary folks. He's down-to-earth. For him, a job is a job with responsibilities. He has to do it,and do it well, not to let the people down. And he has not let me down so far. My MB for Perak!

Jarod said...


Now that Batang Ai have 2 corner fights, WEST Malaysia candidates have a tough fight with the rest of the BEBAS "nothing to do fella"...

UMNO will sink !

Jong said...

It's errily uncomfortable despite all the goodies that's falling from the BN sky. Yes, it's coming - the killer green waves of tsunami is sweeping fast into Bukit Gantang! UMNO's running for cover!