Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Batang Ai | Jawah sings ...James, Jabu ggeraammm !

Spoilers contemplate getting into the fray ...

"...However, given the current scenario at Btg Ai - with all the grouses, problems faced by our Iban brethren and the backwardness state of the area ( having been neglected by BN all these years) , both of you will be doing a great service to our community by not only graciously withdrawing your intention to contest BUT most importantly to give your wholehearted support to PKR candidate - Jawah.Put aside personal differences (if any). The interests and well-being of the Iban community must be the main priority! ..."

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"...3. New names for Jawah and Mussem

James Masing and his men have smsed a number of people naming the PKR candidate as Jawah Sng anak Gerang. They thought that Sng Chee Hua was behind Jawah’s candidacy. In return, the PKR has alleged that Malcolm Mussen is a PBB man wearing the PRS shirt. They have named him as Malcolm Mussem Jabu anak Lamoh. ..."

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“...What the increasingly educated Iban population want is more economic development, including better infrastructure like more roads, schools, clinics and hospitals, a better source of income, and more importantly that their adat or customs and native customary rights to their ancestral lands respected,” said a school headmaster who declined to be named. ...

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Batang Ai Ceramah by Anwar Ibrahim in 3 Parts

Part 1 (L)| Part 2 (C) | Part 3 (R)

Shooting the upper reaches of Batang Ai


Salak said...

You know, Sulaiman Taib, the Deputy Tourism Minister could make Ibans up the Ai, richer!

Well, Sulaiman doesn't work anyway.

Same thing - makan durian dalam kelambu!

He just wants to steal for Jabu, and that silly phoney, "lemambang" Jim Semut Messing!


Salak said...

Hey, Jong!

You could show those UK guys up the Ai, come Summer!?

Jong said...


Those UK guys really enjoyed their white water rafting adventure in Gopeng, Perak and they'll be back again next year bringing more friends with them. Let's hope they won't witness more of those hard timber logs by the thousands floating down the Sarawak river!

Sarawakians esp the Indigenious Dayaks must WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKEUP! They cannot continue to remain complacent and be contented with status quo while the Taib Mahmuds and cronies like Alfred Jabu and James Masing continue to rape Sarawak!

It will really be a very sad when they wake up one day to find themselves having had to balance their lives on those timber logs being rushed downstream while those b*st*rds laugh all the way to the banks!

Salak said...

"...sad when they wake up one day to find themselves having had to balance their lives on those timber logs being rushed downstream ..." - Jong

Hmm ... "mambang from "lemambang" ?! ;))

T H I S is the great comic's version of "mambang"!