Friday, March 27, 2009

Malaysia - National | Mahathir marah ...

UMNO, says the maestro of Malaysian politics, cannot count and which could explain why they always markup things by 30% and which has caused so much corruption.

He's right of course, as usual!

And even Najib cannot count. He never believed we'd be affected by the global money curse: the guy had said we would not be in even a technical recession. What has happened? If PAS had been in Government we'd understand people would have less than 20 fingers to count with lah!!!

You wonder if Taib Mahmud has an extra hand or leg!!!

Dr M calls Umno Youth corrupt for electing Khairy

"They picked as their leader someone who was found guilty of using money and other inducements in his effort to get elected as the head of Umno Youth…Never before has a person who has been acknowledged as corrupt by the party disciplinary board, by the party and the public being elected and hailed as the leader.

"Pemuda has sullied the image of the party and the Malays. It appears that money is more important than one's race and country, '' said the former party president, who wondered whether the rest of Malaysia would accept a leader like Khairy.

Dr Mahathir also added an element of conspiracy into the youth elections, questioning why it took six hours to count 790 votes.

"Didn't they know how to count?

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Anonymous said...

Marah mesti/pasti marah!
Hell has no fury like an ex-PM scorned.
I think that his scolding and giving ultimatum did not help his son one bit. It's more of a burden than help.
He should just retire from politics and live a happy life. Let those new clowns do their clowning.

Salak said...

You should write him a note, peng!

There's a vancancy in Melaka!

He could make Mukhriz the CM of Melaka! Ali Rustam, Malacca's CM, still thinks, it's alright to bribe. What's even better, UMNO thinks that the CM bribed his way during VP race which rendered him a certified corrupt CM who will bribe his way through his tenure of Office. That about explains what UMNO is all about!

But Ali Rustam is certified corrupt to be CM. It gets better everyday!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it get better everyday?
Soon Pudu inmates can also be ministers!
So what, in bodohland all it takes is to be crooked to win!

Jarod said...

Jangan marah...siapa yang ajar Khairi supaya tak tahu kira? oxford ke Tun M sendiri? Saya rasa TM sendiri pun kira salah... LoL...

Jong said...

The old Jackal screamed there's an element of "conspiracy" in UMNO Youth election, isn't that resembling of UMNO all along? And does it matter what the rest of Malaysia feels about KJ the monkey? We are more concerned and up against evil doers and murderers helming the govt so how does he feel about it, huh?!!

Salak said...

Maybe he wants to do horse trading? What does it sound to you, Jong?

He's a bloody good rider, we heard!

Looks like his horse got stuck in PostLaju! ;)