Monday, April 27, 2009

Perak: Dewan Undangan Negeri - The King and You

The consitutional crisis in Perak is like an on-going school classroom for ordinary folks, Perak or National citizens. The difference is an ordinary classroom has a teacher; the Perak crisis has none, since the Federal Court has more or less acted irresponsibly by refereeing a game it shouldn't. Shafiee Abdullah tried to be the teacher but his lessons are weird.

The Issue that the Perak DUN cannot be complete without the person of the Sultan has been played up by Shafiee Abdullah at the Press Club forum/dialogue in Ipoh, very irresponsibly, as a member of Malaysia's court, or Justice of the Peace, being a registered practitioner. He had stated that the DUN is incomplete without the Sultan: this is correct.

For the sake of discussion, the Sultan for this purpose really is not a PERSON, like a DUN member, but more of a symbol and in plain terms, accurately more like, a "stamp", a "chop", expressions not intended to denigrade but attempt to understand and discern.

The existence of the Sultan in the State system is a kind of social contract. What gets more odd is that the King is supposed to be the "Essence" of the DUN. And you know, "Essence" is NOT like that Brands Essence of Chicken, a corruption of the chicken.

The joke about social contracts is that there is no "Enforcer". The thing nearest to an enforcer is a General Election. Unless you're an idiot and you expect God to come down in a Chariot to settle the score. You can't sms God to come down and enforce the social contract , because He will "laugh" at you. (Well, not really - it's just that you'll feel quite ridiculous, sensing that you heard him!) He'll say that Malaysians are hopeless because, we haven't got it yet! Don't bother to read the legalese on this. You might not find any!

The Constitution, State or National is supposed to be perfect. The only thing is that perfection is a heavenly notion and remains where it should be - in the "Aether" !

Maybe God did sms some Malaysians but more appear to realize that we don't expect God to come down! Possibly, Shafee Abdullah thought he did get that sms. He just won't let you see it!


Anonymous said...

It all started one fine day, when makcik Rose hallucinated and told the world that God said her pakcik is destined to be the pm! Now some hotshot loyar buruk claim to be the AM!
Is this loyar buruk a pre-paid or post paid loyar?

Salak said...

Prepaid or Postpaid?

Heard they say he has 3 Sim Cards on his phones. He could take 3 calls at one go!

Salak said...

Err ...peng,

Malaysiakini interviewed Zambry, the MB Pretender and I'd like to quote one of his best shots:

["...ZAMBRY: Remember that, this whole so-called Pakatan government or we (BN) could form the government. But we had the single majority party with 28 seats at that time when PAS had six, DAP had 18 and PKR got 7. ..."]
You wonder what would happen had he formed his gomen then. He would have needed a calculator to add up the number of those people who called themselve DAP, PAS and PKR.

How to pass a motion like that for BN? Of course there is a different kind of motion, he can pass!

Anonymous said...

I don't mean prepaid or post paid for his phone!
It's about whether he's prepaid for his job to spread lies or it's a post paid deal; do the dirty work first, wait for boss to gauge if the performance is dirty enough, then bayar gaji!

Jong said...

Seriously, I am very concerned that this Perak constitutional crisis that has been ongoing, unresolved and plaguing us to a near 3 months now is getting us no where.

It is indeed very sad and most disappointing to note that while the Sultan of Perak is taking a sordid stand, many of us have also lost faith in our Malaysian courts. There also seems to be too much politicking on both sides of the divide!

With a near to 3 months now, the state has been and still is without a proper legitimate state government. Perakians now find we have enough of all these nonsence and demand that our wishes and views be taken seriously!
Perak's Public Service must be made to execute its rightful duties without fear or favour to address the grave econormic problems now threatening the well-being of everyone in the state of Perak.

Since all has failed, yes kembalikan 'HAK Rakyat', that's all we ask for!

Anonymous said...

Jong, indeed we are concerned with the no-solution status of Perak's crisis. What I am afraid is that people will forget over time. their anger dissipates. We cannot allow that to happen! I hope the minyak zambir seller will make some more stupid moves to pee off the rakyat. Let his stupidity and arrogance seal his fate once and for all. After al, the minyak seller is now a 'datuk'. The arrogance will eat up all his grey cells (if there's any in the first place).

Salak said...

"...I don't mean prepaid or post paid for his phone! ..." - peng

Almost synonymous to him in some sense. All you have to do is press his button ...!

What comes out is another matter ... something Zambry can pass a motion on had he earlier formed a gomen! ;))

Salak said...

"...Since all has failed ..." - Jong"Maybe not quite all. Perak and other Malaysians are getting angry.

They'll get even yet !!!

If you press Shafiee Abdullah's buttons you might understand why you really have to get angry, to get even! He has no SHIFT key for getting even without anger!

Salak said...

There's something queer about change and hope.

The one and only reason you wanna change is that all tunnels have two ends - there is an entrance and an exit! If there's a lock, there's a key.

The only problem is when you get out, you have to drop the tunnel vision and the lock and key bizness.

Change does mean hope! ;))

If Zambry, the Pretender MB cannot count, nothing will add up! Of course, there's always Gambir he can sell!

Jong said...

It makes me wonder how low they are prepared to go?!!

On 7th May 2009, let's all "concerned Perakians" emerge from the comforts of their homes and show our displeasure.

And to the 3 froggies who were the initial cause of this constitutional impasse and have since been in hiding -too disgraced to even show up at their constituencies. Let's demand that they return their salaries for non-performance of duty the past 3 months! They have no bleddy right to be paid for betraying the rakyat/electorates' trust when they froggy-jumped 3 months ago. It's tax-payers money we want back!

Salak said...

"...It's tax-payers money we want back! ..." - Jong

So the illegitimate/haram Gomen of Zambry owes Nizar his wages!

Maybe when all is done, we can watch Zambry hand back Nizar his paycheck in a grand ceremony!

That would be Malaysia 1st Again!