Friday, July 17, 2009

Anwar | Past the future?

Anwar Ibrahim appears to present a sort of elements of dualism to observers.

To local Malaysian politics watchers he is a unifier of all opposition movements and currently heads a teething and consolidating political front. Those in UMNO-Malay ranks think he's a wrecker, a one-man demolition team against national unity and the country

Then there's the on-going stale sodomy trial which seems to be a kind of quick fix for BN's endless troubles. They say he's a double edge sword. If the Judges convict him on trumped up charges, he'll be annointed a martyr, dimming any shine that Najib has acquired.

On the heels of the Manek Urai victory, a win of 65 votes majority for PAS, loom challenges to the future as a political party where Anwar is not absent, at the very least, the newness in the breath of fresh moves by the party to present PAS as a party for all.

There's the PAS problems; the false charges problems; then there's the teething Pakatan Rakyat's problems. Right in the thick of things is Anwar, the denominator that wields through what appear to be disparate efforts to move and embed change into the politics and lives of Malaysians. A change that is so badly wanting to restore nurturing elements to a prospering economic potential of an Asian nation and the sanity to the the country's badly marauded institutiouns.

Is Anwar a pass and a way forward out of all the problems? The government thinks so, too, and has tripped all over including being battered in its image for the death of a young political secretary, Teoh Beng Hock from an apparent fall off the windows of the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) building.

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