Friday, July 17, 2009

MACC | Death on doorstep - Lies, deceit, deaths and decay besiege the Nation

Teo Beng Hock, 30, dead near MACC Office

Things are getting out of hand now in what may appear like the end of the line for Malaysia's extreme conservative politics. Many will hope and work in optimism in the faith for enduring values.

We should all clamor and demand for a public Inquest into the death of the young man, Teo, the circumstances surrounding whose misfortune seem devious.

We have UMNO people suggesting to the public "he jumped" as Nazri Aziz, the joker did.

"Then he should have gone home (instead)....and how would we know that he would jump out of the building?"

And we have the bumbling MACC, full of men enslaved to a devious aim ... stopping the legitimate process of human endeavor. These BN men, in the party or in the Police or MACC, appear devoid of any semblance of human decency whose attainment they fake to crave for.

With all the repressive means in place, the government isn't content but continue to ruin public institutions for personal ambitions of party members. Will this late scourge seal the end of our country led by a PM who is bent on polishing his ego?

The investigations are led by a person under whose watch a Malaysian died in the lockup and judged wantonly negligent.

Let's call for that public Inquest!

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Salak said...

Disgust at this gutter event involving MACC is pouring out. And Police and that Kris rattler Mudin and his men are arresting people, not keeping the peace.

Read here - Police arrest 5

Anonymous said...

Disgust is too mild a word!
Evil! That's it!

We can call for a public inquest. But we know for sure the script is written. What the coroner report will, what the doctors will say, what the police will say, what MACC will say, what the PM will say - THERE IS NO FOUL PLAY!'

Sad but true. This is what it will culminate to.

Salak said...

Kit Siang has demanded for Royal Commission that's more substantive than an Inquest which by its intent and objective could do as well.

Of course, Malaysians will need to press for stringent due process. Still, nothing is better than a GE. Nothing the government does has any integrity and motives are apparent as they bumble and they bungle. Murphy's law at work in it's best illustration ...! :-)

Anonymous said...

Royal Commission? Oh they would give that too.

Remember the Royal Commission on Lingam tapes? What happened after all the dust has settled? Nothing!

Come to think of it, what sort of a democratic country are we in? Or are we one?

Salak said...

What democracy? ;)

More like 'hellcracy' or crazy as hell!

But never fear. Always count the little blessings even in the least of measure! Forgot your calling ? ;) In the darkest hour, there grows the yearning for light! :))

Salak said...

"...Looks [like]the police, MACC, the judiciary, etc have all gone amok with power and answerable to gomen only. The Rakyat can go to hell and they have no compunction as to the manner of how they handle the public and their perception. Where does all this leave us ordinary folks??"

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