Friday, July 17, 2009

MACC | Why was Beng Hock interrogated?

Have you heard who our Government Auditor General is?

I don't know his name, how he looks like or what he has ever said or stated.

Shukri Abdull, the Division Investigation Director of MACC, did not appear to be very aware of what was happening on his watch from the Press Statements he made and produced below. He was very clear of one thing - he was "not sure who is involved [4]" and pertinently what was involved. His men were merely "browsing". I thought the Auditor General could send his men down to scan through some documents and obtain general data to form a basis if an investigation is warranted. Shukri's Office only has general information that there were misappropriation of state rep's funds! What's damning he "don't know who is the suspect". Don't ask me if a witness is necessary when there isn't a suspect! You have a murder but there's no body!

One thing is apparent! Shukri Abdul and his men are jokers and appear to be persecuting citizens whose standing in the community is of reasonable repute.

According to Article 5 of the Federal Constitution there certainly has been wanton gross abuse of human rights!

Excerpts of Shukri Abdul's Q&A
Shukri said Teoh was not a suspect but was questioned as part of their investigations into the misuse of state allocations.
Malaysian Insider

Who was this witness?

The deceased was a special assistant to the Seri Kembangan State assemblyman.
Malay Mail
He repeatedly stressed that Teo was merely a witness in the investigation and not being probed.
Malaysia Kini

We receive general information that there were misappropriation of state rep's funds. We are not focusing on any specific state rep. We are not sure who is involved. We are visiting certain areas, checking documents, to see if the allegations are true.

We don't know who is the suspect.
Malaysia Kini

Article 5 of the Federal Constitution clearly states that:

1. No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty save in accordance with law.

2. Where a complaint is made to the High Court or any judge thereof that a person is being unlawfully detained, the court shall inquire into the complaint and, unless satisfied that the detention is lawful, shall order him to be produced before the court and release him.

3. Where a person is arrested, he shall be informed as soon as may be of the grounds of his arrest and shall be allowed to consult and be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice.

4. Where a person is arrested and not released, he shall, without unreasonable delay, and in any case within 24 hours (excluding the time of any necessary journey) be produced before a magistrate and shall not be further detained in custody without the magistrate's authority:

Provided that this clause shall not apply to the arrest or detention of any person under the existing law relating to restricted residence, and all the provisions of this clause shall be deemed to have been an integral part of this Article as from Merdeka Day.


Salak said...

Suhakam Chief, Abu Talib and Nazri Aziz are going to cross swords again on the possible encroachment on the elements of human rights in this case.

On Perak he had said -

"...In that statement, Abu Talib had said: “Perhaps the time has come for the people of Perak to be given the opportunity to exercise their right to choose again the government of their choice, which is a basic human right.”...The Star

Jong said...

Tragic, a cruel joke under disturbing circumstances and an innocent man lost his life. MACC had no business to hold him in custody with interrogation that lasted 9 hours 7pm to 4am!

Salak said...

Bandits and tyrants impervious to tempering of fairness, just and noble inclinations! 'Natang!!!

Jong said...

Teoh Beng Hock was afterall a witness, not a suspect so why should they(MACC) gruel him through such long tortureous hours, depriving him of sleep and rest? If that is not against basic human rights, what is it?

Salak said...

But Jong, the MACC Investigation honcho said he's not sure who's involved and what can Teoh be a witness to?

Jarod said...

MACC had breach the protocol. What is their punishment?

Jong said...

The whole blardy thing started because PKR's Wee Choo Keong the "Shit-Stirrer"(Teresa Kok nicknamed him!) pointed his finger at Selangor Exco members as being corrupt with links to the 'underground' so MACC's political masters summoned them to do investigation to stir some shit out. The mainstream media could then have a field day to make Pakatan Rakyat look bad in the eyes of Malaysian electorates.

And hopefully, they could stumble on something they could use as pawn for toad migration?

pengthots said...

Let's give the legal part some discount first. All right, let's assume that they really do not know who the suspect is (let's be as idiotic as them). They are just 'browsing' or 'fishing',right?

Why the 'intensity' of the interrogation? (Let's be idiotic like them again), it's not an interrogation but a routine questioning..

Again, why the intensity? Why question him until the wee hours of the morning? Why can't they wrap the session up for the day at 6pm and continue the next day? And I am sure Teoh told tell he's getting married the next day? Don't MACC have any courtesy to respect a person's right to the most important day of his lifetime - getting married?

When I run these thoughts through, I can conclude only one thing. They are inhuman. Period.

Jong said...

I have said it before and I will say it again here - Anwar Ibrahim obviously has no capability to find good people in his team who often gives him headaches! Even his aide Saiful Bukhari would give him pain in the butt!

This "Shit-Stirrer" Wee Choo Keong PKR MP for Wangsa Maju, a reject from DAP was taken into PKR. He obviously has an axe to grind and had always been demanding for DAP blood all along.

Guess this 'shit mouth' is happy with what he has done so far and Teoh Beng Hock paid for it heavily.

It's sad and tragic. My deepest sympathy to Beng Hock's family in their hour of pain and agony. I can only wish and hope that time will ease their loss. Wherever he is, I wish him well.

Salak said...

"...The whole blardy thing started because PKR's Wee Choo Keong the "Shit-Stirrer"(Teresa Kok nicknamed him!) pointed his finger at Selangor Exco members ... - Jong"

Don't know the guy. Found one news item on same subject at the Star Online that states ...

"Wee said he had personally received grouses from Pakatan Rakyat members and the business community in Selangor claiming that the office of a certain council member was used as a meeting place for people connected with “underground business activities”.

Looks like all the component PR parties are having a fair share of headaches. For what we want in change, we'll have to be guided by avoiding BN's experience of all the stuffs they have hidden from public eye. No doubt there could have been better ways to handle this.

Salak said...

"...When I run these thoughts through, I can conclude only one thing.- peng"

Murphy's law? ;))

Well, even some right things go wrong. But this is a classic. They lost their heads. Malaysia Today ran a post of how they (those hoodlums), might not have intended anything to happen this way but as far as can be deduced it needn't happen at all!

As members of the rakyat observing this unfolding before us, it does demonstrate one thing - nothing the Government and the ruling BN parti do now help us or themseves. Does suggests too, they're imploding!

I think we should have a General Election in the next 60 days to save us all, regardless of political beliefs, from this madness!

Salak said...

Jarod, what is their punishment?

Well, nothing one can do to make right this criminal act will be enough for many Malaysians. We can't trust our institutions.

I think we should have a General Elections. Then we work from the beginning again. What do you think?

Jarod said...

I too would like to have General Elections. However, how can we make it a possible thing to happen in the midst of all this rubbish?

Another thing that we can do. Ask all the BN MP to resign and have re-elections to determine Malaysia's future. What say you?

Salak said...

" the midst of all this rubbish...- Jarod"

All the right reasons are there, Jarod. They won't ever explain in Parliament, the Courts or RTM. Let them explain to the rakyat! That's fair, isn't it?