Thursday, September 17, 2009

Abort ! Abort! Mission Abort !

Send in ... send in Zunar ! Now!!!


Salak said...

It seemed like ages since I last changed a flat!

Really wouldn't know what to do, if I had one now. Don't recall seeing a jack in the car boot!

Everyone shuould have a flat once in your life time. It would appear you'd be walking on water if you didn't!

Anonymous said...

I guess the missing roda is 'gerakan'!

Oh, I have changed a flat before. The proton wira tire is easy to change..with no help from anyone! Not bad huh..? Got my hands all black and dirty, that's all!

But a Toyota Fortuner flat will need the experts to fix! The jack provided by Toyota is no good to use. Can't even lift a fly!
Did Toyota provided their jack to gerakan too? Sampai disappear sekali!

Salak said...

I think, ahh, orang minyak Idris gave Su Koon, the wrong nozzle! And it blew the poor guy up!

Funny though! Only Zunar can fix him up good! :))