Friday, September 18, 2009

Unbranding governance

Don't you ever stop wondering why we need to quarrel with Indonesia? Now our non-performing Yen Yen is talking crap to divert attention away from the MCA problem.

Why would you want to list Sarawak Laksa with UNESCO? In case this vain Yen forgets, if ever we need to list, it must be "Sarawak" Laksa - not Malaysian Laksa. Malayans don't know anything about cooking Sarawak Laksa. They sure know how to eat it and then got cirit!

Some Malaysian donkeys think the only way to govern a country is by branding it. Then there's the crazy misguided Islamists who are branding Islam. Malaysia has so many brands already. There's the Twin Towers (mistaken for twin phalluses). Our best brand however, must be Mahathir Mohammad (mistaken for "air mata kasih" or love's forlon tears). Who doesn't know him? Many Malaysians appear to think there is more to know about him than meets the eye. Some who try to know more, have been shooed away.

Still it hasn't got us anywhere in a good and constructive way.

You remember Singapore Girl! Sure you forgot. But you won't forget Lee Kuan Yew. See? They say he's busy softening his brand.

Maybe we should invest with our Prime Ministers as brands. Our recent PM was branded as Sleepy Lah! Well, it's still a brand! It might still sizzle in a nighmare.

But you wonder whether there's a reason why we should not brand. God forbid what would have happened if the Islamists were to put a face to the good Prophet. There's wisdom in it I suspect. But that did not stop the irreverent Danes to paint silly misguided pictures.

Despite all these, there is a brand I honor till today. That's Milkmaid or "Susu Junjung"! It's a good brand actually - simple, unpretentious and wholesome. We owe our lives to it, what!

Malaysians know it as "Susu Junjung". To "junjung" means to honor and respect somebody or something. It can also mean to highly support something or somebody . What of Yen Yen needs support? Maybe something I have yet to see.

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