Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If you cannot make it, would you fake it?

Which of the 3 would you pick?

The Girl, the Machine or Xerox?

I'll pick the first two, thank you. Xerox will just fake it!

Still, there are people who find it difficult to make up their



Salak said...

"..."UPM will have a sub-committee that will be dedicated to screen materials for books following this. Before the book is sent for publication, the draft of the material will need to get an endorsement from the Publications Committee." - Nik Mustapha (UPM vice-chancellor)..."

What a lame excuse! Didn't they know this "plagiarism" (can never pronouce it) is the scurge of publishing and writing? When the issue of intellectual property right burst on the scene they were talking and foaming on the mouth on the ills of faking.

Unless, they knew only too well that everybody would be caught with their sarungs down! :(

Jong said...

You won't want to be around when they drop their sarungs, I definitely won't !!

Salak said...

"...Those disgraceful cohorts are closing the door after the horse has bolted. Shitheads have tarnished and selfishly spoilt the repute of the legit graduands. Really feel like adding my usual filthy word cos things like this makes me boil. And of course NO serious repercussions for the CONNECTED gulity of course.

To pronounce the word... say it like this.. plar jer rise ..."

[Via E-mail]


# Spineless Copy Cats! Never quite get it about the act of making choices!

Kesian ler! Next time ler! Tak ape !


Salak said...

Here are the Copy Cats!

"...Two Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) lecturers Professor Turiman bin Suandi and Dr. Zoharah Omar have been caught out for plagiarism. They produced a reference book called Writing an Effective Resume six years ago, aimed at management students. A substantial part of the 64 page book was found to be "lifted" from several American university websites, including Harvard and Albion College...." - Bibliobibuli

It's a big rip off! Bayar balik "untung" ! Easy money, konon!

Salak said...

Apparently, the guy, Dr Turiman is a vet and a (of all things) Quality Assurance Imam. The lady is a head shrinker and a lawyer!

Sounds like Bony and Clyde!

They may be found HERE and HERE!

Salak said...


I'm sure they've seen how a Sarawak Dayak tie his cawats!

Jarod said...

UPM books sucks!

I check out their book quality at all... and banyak error...sigh.. who wanna go into their uni lah?

Salak said...

Against the backdrop of cronyism and lack of freedom of expression, other than us citizens, a few things will have to give, Jarod!

Books and the publishing trade here is something we don't hear much about. Definitely the hanky panty on the treaties or arrangements on book sales internationally will be affected. That will affect a lot of other things around the bizness, the professionalism, etc involved.

First that comes to mind will be "writing" and the growth of writers. The corrupt publishing cartels will have to take care of their sponsors, etc! It encourages people to rip off - or fake their work!

UPM or other Universities should create a few scholarships to understand the problems then eventually someone will be so immersed in it to talk sense about reforms there! Quite an appropriate challenge for a doctoral pursuit, actually! I guess! ;))