Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hopes on a string

IN the wake of the PKFZ Cabinet Papers on the complicit position of all the BN government political leaders, we ponder on Malaysia's future just some weeks after Merdeka celebrations and ... in the midst of 'Idul Fitri merrymaking after the Ramadhan Fasting.

The President of the United States of America, Barak Obama has wished all Muslims worldwide 'Idil Season Greetings, a first in history and which we hope will not be the last among the community of nations beholden to the search for peace and understanding. The gesture is clear and inspiring when one considers how our world has taken a barrage of beatings prompted by pride and prejudice. The wastes that's now threatening wealth and health of our earth. Despite our misgivings of past tragedies there emerges an incessantly unmistaken irrepressible urge to change and make things better.

It is surely the same thoughts and feeling lingering in the minds of Malaysians at the terrible impasse in our search and journey for change. We are not alone. We have ourselves and other like-minded world citizens as the world attempts to wrench itself off the well-trodden muddles of the last millenium.

There'll be the usual pitfalls to steer away from but we will find it. We've tasted the bits and pieces of what we can more build. And we will get there.

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