Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Malaysia's salient symbols

(Internal Security Act/
Official Secrets Act

(Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission)


Jong said...

Troubling times ahead unless we give BN/UMNO the last rites and bury them come GE-13!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the govt will have new symbols soon!
They will discard the Potong Perdana and go for the MERCEDES!
The reason? It seem Potong is taking too long to deliver the perdanas! So they cannot wait la!
For a start, the judiciary has confirmed using the MERC symbol. The ministers will follow suit la!
And this will cost RM80 million a year.
We have a 'kaya' nation!

Jong said...

Peng, the RM80m is only for annual 'leasing fee'. Spanco, a Diam Zainuddin associate, is the supplier and contractor! Again, it's crony at work what else.

Remember those idiots in UMNO/BN made so much noice in Perak when the Pakatan Rakyat Govt bought some Camry cars? They claimed it was wasteful and lelong them all away as soon as the power-grab was successfully confirmed by the Sultan that BN was again in charge.

Salak said...

With the Landas season coming, the tsunami last year, the Public Service would be well-advised if they opt for amphibious vehicles.

Or maybe we can buy more submarines, huh people?

I doubt Najib will object! After all it's not nice getting cold and wet. Or wouldn't he?