Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something old, something new, something neither

Last update - 09:28 17/09/2009
Virginia synagogue doubles as mosque for Ramadan
By The Associated Press

On Friday afternoons, the people coming to pray at this building take off their shoes, unfurl rugs to kneel on and pray in Arabic. The ones that come Friday evenings put on yarmulkes, light candles and pray in Hebrew.

The building is a synagogue on a tree-lined street in suburban Virginia, but for the past few weeks - during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan - it has also been doubling daily as a mosque. Synagogue members suggested their building after hearing the Muslim congregation was looking to rent a place for overflow crowds.

"...this State of Israel ...this flawed political entity that speaks in the name of God...".

"People look to the Jewish-Muslim relationship as "conflict," said All Dulles Area Muslim Society Imam Mohamed Magid, saying it's usually disputes between the two groups in the Middle East that make news. "Here is a story that shatters the stereotype."

Magid, who grew up in Sudan, said he did not meet someone who was Jewish until after he had moved to the U.S. in his 20s, and he never imagined having such a close relationship with a rabbi. But he said the relationship with the Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation has affected him and his members. Beyond being tolerant, the synagogue and its members have been welcoming.

He said one member of the mosque told him, "Next time I see a Jewish person I will not look at them the same."

Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk, who leads the Reform congregation of about 500 families, said the relationship works both ways.

More at the the Haaretz, Jerusalem.

# Video:
Jews United Against Zionism, United Nations, January 4, 2009

Protest organized by Neturei Karta International at UN headquarters in New York. Rabbi Weiss, who heads the group, talks with TRNS.


Salak said...

The challenge is - the day when a mosque can do the same in return in Virginia or elsewhere!

Jong said...

And in Malaysia, the UMNO thugs tried to stir up disharmony and animosity against another religion by bringing in a severed cow's head with blood dripping in their protest against a Hindu temple being planned in their neighbourhood, knowing well that Hindus refer cows as sacred animal! It's UMNO politicians and thugs who should be condemned and the irony was the Home Minister - Kerishamuddin Hussein Onn has came up to defend their despicable action!

Shame on you scumbags in UMNO

Salak said...

"...this State of Israel, a flawed political entity that speaks in the name of God..." - Rabbi Weiss, (as quoted in the video) Jews United Against Zionism, Neturei Karta International.

Wonder what effects will this have on the Middle East Peace Process? As in Malaysia, the JAKIM people, under direct responsiblity of the UMNO/BN government speaks in the name of God, too! So do the all the Imams under the pay of the UMNO/BN government! So do all the Mosque officials, the Suraus ..."

Rabbi Weiss has broken new grounds ...!

Salak said...

"...How beautiful a story this is. These are the evolved HUMANs who use their brains and are confident of their religion and know all the superficial forms are unimportant as long as they hearts are with their own faith! Gosh, I have to fwd this mail to all in my mailing list!!..."

[Via E-mail]


# What a funny thought! ;-) "Confident" of your religion?

Anyway, in Malaysia, as it appears in Israel, it's an ironclad grip - the ISA, the OSA! They are even faking it at at UPM. My previous post on it HERE!.

Anonymous said...

sigh, if only politics could be driven out of religion...