Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Samy smells ... rats !

"...Re-elected unopposed for a record 11th term in May, he stressed that he has been around long enough to know a rat when he smells one.

"These two weeks, there has been an organised campaign to frustrate me, to make me run. I have been in politics for 45 years and I have seen many storms. I know who is behind all this," he said.

Samy Vellu was responding to a Malaysiakini report on Sunday which quoted MIC insiders accusing Umno of hatching a conspiracy to undermine the party and its president as well as to split the Indian community.

Referring to Utusan Malaysia's front-page report that appeared a day before the Sept 12 MIC elections, Samy Vellu said the entire episode was staged.

The report by the Umno-owned Malay daily featured the comments of three political analysts under the headline 'Samy perlu berundur' (Samy must go). ..." - Malaysiakini

Yeah, it's not nice. Last time friends, now fiends! Have a heart, UMNO! Who else will be next? They should learn from Samy's famous words - "The Indians have seen other meadows to graze on.". He's right there! The Malays have also seen those "lembah menghijau" but last time they put all those big billboards no one could see annything!

As for those in Utusan Malaysia who did the hatchet on him, you have to be special not to see the place is infested with rats! The place stinks!

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Salak said...

Wei! Siapa takut tikus???