Friday, October 2, 2009

Bagan Pinang - ET! Come home!

The chart on the official number of voters for Bagan Pinang - N31, Negeri Sembilan says:

Malays - 62.77% = 8,576
Indians - 20.74% = 2,834
Chinese - 10.96% = 1,497
Others - 5.54% = 757

OTHERS stated as 757 voters are NOT few! Can the SPR not know the ETHNICITY of 757 (Read: Seven Hundred and Fifty Seven) people?

Would they NEED to carry out a DNA test? Or shall we just classify them as EXTRA TERRESTIAL ALIENS ???

Another symptom of the incompetent and bias Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia ???


Salak said...

Is this same as the case of the guileless galling Hishamuddin unable to tell the good from the bad !!!

That having being been found guilty and corrupt Isa Abu Bakar is OK to be the people's rep?

The fella gila or goblok?

Jong said...

...err Salak, the name is Isa Samad.

On the 757 voters, the question is who are they, do they really exist or a catered group of phantom voters on standby?

Salak said...

Sorry! Thanks!

Wonder how I got that mixed up!?

Isa Abu Bakar ... hopefully by the time PAS boys "bakar" him he'll be a heap of "abu"! ;-))

BTW, Google Translater does fast one word query! Fantastic! I'm learning French now just to get by what Najib's doing in gay Paree!