Monday, October 5, 2009

Bagan Pinang | Will PAS salt the slugs?

Was there any truth to the UMNO allegation of PAS' supporters pouncing on Umno supreme council member Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim"? There were certainly more PAS/PR supporters at the Nomination! Here's an idea from an eyewitness on Saturday and PAS/PR supporters outnumbered UMNO/BN's.

to Salak
date Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 1:52 PM
subject Fw: Re: So it's PAS vs BN !

Hi guys,

I just returned from the nomination centre area. Of course we outnumbered BN supporters at least 5 to 1 or even 10 to 1. I tell u, it must be pretty dismal for the BN side.U should have seen the amount of people over here and there was the police n FRU as usual to keep both sides apart. At one stage there was tension and the PAS youth told us not to walk down near the enemy line cos feelings were 'panas'
This isi the 9 God Festival period and the weather is going to be miserable. The heavens opened on us and we still chugged on but thankfully stopped later and most of us are dreanched anyway but it adds to the fun of being in the'happening' place.

Later a group of those newly minted Makai Injun group braved our side n wanted to wade through to go over to the BN side, our Pas youth forced them back to where they came from n there were lots ofheckling and shouting and we had good fun watching them being moved back. The helicopters overhead were circling and probaby reporting back to Najis:
"Houston, we have a problem, we are hugely outnumbered and this augurs badly for us."

There's suggestion that the so-called attackers from PAS were actually paid hands from their opponents UMNO/BN. The Police could not seem to identify anybody. Kamunting would have been "filled to the brim" had it been true.

What sounds so daunting is that Muhyiddin was calling this incident "dirty" tactics. Talk about "good guilt"! And Umno supreme council member Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim "felt like fainting, I threw up and passed out. I was in pain and my blood pressure shot up to 65/95"! That's quite abnormal if the diastolic read is higher than the systolic. It could mean the Umno supreme council member got echoes in his chest!

Well, stranger things have happened. PAS/PR are ready with the salt.


Jong said...

Tak boleh tahan lah, mesti fake neck injury and accuse the Pakatan Rakyat camp.

The dangling, fluttering and waving of ringgit notes by Pakatan Rakyat supporters at their camp was most humiliating and a great malu. By fielding that tainted character Isa Samad, goes to show that money politics is acceptable in UMNO/BN!

Salak said...

Is there a picture somewhere I could use?

PAS waving dollar notes at BN people! That I'd like to see! :-))

Salak said...

"...Please Mujaheddin, i need u to tell Krismoomoodin come hold our hands and tell us he understands and sympathizes that we were just being defensive (remembering how understanding he was of the cowheaded morons); that we were naturally upset cos BN youths were getting more panas than they could control themselves. ..."

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