Saturday, February 13, 2010


PROTON seems to have an inexhaustible urge to take Malaysia to the pinnacle of humanity's attainment. That's natural. Every one has a "want" though not everybody gets what he needs. Every Malaysian feeds on rice. Not so the people in PROTON or for that matter the BN. They feed on thin air. With Toyata and Honda buckling under the throngs of greed, no one in PROTON appears to be bothered.

PROTON is oblivious. But this sheer madness is cushioned by the comfort that PETRONAS will bail them out. Right now PETRONAS will need to answer for the Formula 1 motorbike scandal.

RM12 million is nothing to PETRONAS but 150 of these stupid bikes are stashed somewhere in the UK and seems to be hoarded away. For whose rainy day?

The news item was earlier picked up by the Malaysian Mirror.

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