Thursday, February 11, 2010

We are Sunk! Our new submarine won't sink!

We had Fighter Jets whose engines only, flew off to South America with some help of our Ministry of Defence people. Now the honcho mermaid of our Royal Navy says our new sub won't sink!

Earlier in the week, the BN sunk Perak after our judges ruled it's OK for Perak Sultan to sack the legal Chief Minister. He bouys the hope of BN now with the Gambir Chief Minister, Zambry.

Perhaps, some people might find it creepy that new subs won't sink. Perhaps, some ghost of a pretty mermaid might be haunting it - like the poor soul of, Altantuya?

In the days of glorious old, it needed just some "ikan todak" to take Singapore, which really is the only country we should quarell with. They took so much of our country. There was Pulau Batu, then sand from Tun Razak's State of Pahang.

I've always believed we bought some silly "tongkang from the French


Salak said...

If the sub won't surface, we're still sunk!

Jong said...

How can the submarine function when expensive equipment are already missing(!!) - now with Iran, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Another superlative first for Malaysia.....a submarine that will/can not SUB (merge)? WTF!!
Might as well get pontoons, at least then they do not cost us an arm and a leg.