Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Infanticide - on the rise in Malaysia!

"We generally agree with the proposal to introduce sex education for secondary schools. This can avoid undesirable cases involving our young generation." So said and affirmed Fatimah Abdullah, Sarawak Minister of Women Development. A week after she spoke, a rural migrant from Simunjan was arrested in Kuching, suspected of being involved in infanticide. Police had found a dead infant in the drain in Stutong area.

The tally is rising and as things stand, Sarawak, Najib's fixed deposit, is telling the country that's ok! Fatimah amply demonstrates what it means to be, politically, a fixed deposit.

Take a look again at these pictures. They're not nice. There are increasing number of things in Malaysia, and they're not nice, but the Sarawak Women Minister of Development is sitting on her butt! If she does a headstand, maybe something interesting will happen in her head. Otherwise, we'll need those Sarawak headhunters again, the "3 Sarawak Ladies" who rolled out of a carpet at a sumptuous dinner, to do another stunt!

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It's really the ultimate symptom of incompetent, irresponsible and bad government by the Barisan National (BN). Maybe the psuedo Islamist, Zul Nordin, might declare the world will end soon. But, he might yet jump at Najib's carrots. Zaid Ibrahim thinks Najib is "two thirds crazed". Or did he mean Najib is "tiga suku"?


Salak said...

“Our centre can refer them to the relevant authorities before they plan to commit sin.

- Citizens Against Crime Action Committee (CACAC) chairperson, Lily Yong.

Very clever?!

Anonymous said...

Being a safe 'fixed deposit' for the govt just breeds apathy... Najib does not have to try too hard or be too concerned about these 2 states.
It is always good to have some competition or there will be no urgency to improve life for our East Msian brethen.
It is heartbreaking to see such disturbing photos. Even with sex education, these illegitimate babies will be born and many disposed off in such a manner because the mothers are usually left to their own devices without moral or financial support. What more without it? The authorities should not be moral police or pussy-foot around this issue but do the needful..establish these drop-in centres asap and guide these wayward girls to be productive citizens

Jong said...

OMG that's hearbreaking to see all those innocent lives abruptly taken away at the hands of heartless adults! I take it that most of those innocent babies were born out of wedlock of Muslim parents, for fear of the law of the country that will put them behind bars and shame them till kingdom come!

Something is so wrong, so very wrong and the UMNO-god has much to be blamed for things to turn out this way! We are talking about the babies, LIVES damnit!

Salak said...

All teachers apparently have got their sex lives right.

So why are they not prepared to deliver sex education in schools?

Then, there's so much rubber in Malaysia! Alfred Jabu is going to flood the market with rubber. He might disenfranchise the rural Dayaks so he'll get his rubber.

Do these people need a sex education or just simply a good education? Or do they need Safe Sex?

Jong said...

We must change the government, BN is getting too complacent for they know come every General Election Sarawak is their "sure fixed-deposit".

Things have gone too far, 47 years in Sabah/Sarawak is far too long; we need to take things into our own hands - yes, citizens action is desperately needed to spread the message, keep those in the interior informed, keep political interest alive and keep talking - BN has to GO!

Jong said...

For a start we need a government to keep us SAFE, keep our money and natural resources SAFE, the rest comes naturally!

Anonymous said...

PM's wife Roastmah who prides herself to be involved in women's issues, should be given a set of these disturbing pictures together with report on the Penan rape.

So it's already near to 2 weeks and still no action from her? How many more Penan women in Sarawak interior will continue to be raped?

- AssamJawa

Salak said...

Our systems are broke. The rakyat out there are not going to respect anything in Malaysia. How could you then go out there and tell people one thing and do another?

How could Rosmah do anything for the starving Penans when she's lugging around tons of fat? She's got intestines long enough to lay power cables from Bakun to Kuantan on!

Jong said...

So those cables riled up the IGP big time, huh?!!

Salak said...

If Sivarasa could prove to the Court the IGP had at one time had a bogus degree, wouldn't that make him a Bogus Top Cop? Or Top Cop "Bagus"? You know, ikut perintah?

Anonymous said...

Actually there's no need for proof...P.I.G. Musang, with/without the degree is unacceptable to the general populous. In the COURT OF PERCEPTION, he is the pits, is there no other worthy cop in the whole of the PDRM that this tainted cop's services is so very needed?