Thursday, March 25, 2010

Malaysia Devolution - Parliament to Councils or Princes to Frogs

Since Malaysia's Defense Ministry's sub neither sinks nor sails, we might consider all the hardware as amphicentric.

We buy more hardware, we sink! We don't buy none we're sunk!

It's one thing to have no enemy. It's another to have friends hate us!

Just who is Malaysia's enemy? ;)


Salak said...

Who was it who said "We are our own enemy" ?

Jong said...

Najib and his team should stare at themselves in the mirror!

Salak said...

Yeah! Mirror, Mirror on the wall!

Compliments from Apco!

PR is not BN or UMNO's enemy. UMNO is their own enemy! Who do you think is MIC's enemy?

The rakyat can only be the enemy if it is a Rogue State!