Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Very bloody but no life was lost

Lots of blood was "shed" in the "Redshirts" protests against the present Thai government. And no life was lost.

It's the Thai way of making a point.

That will never happen in Malaysia. Otherwise, there'll be big losses of pigs and cow heads.

Thailand is an interesting country. At one time the government in Thailand changed every Thursday but they're working out things and the future looks good for them. We'd like to say the same for Malaysia but if there's anything to understand from the NEM, Pemandu would be heavily involved in them. I don't know what the heck Pemandu is, but it sounds like they're after flying Driver's Licences.

Another interesting thing about Thailand is that James Brooke, first Rajah of Sarawak, wanted in on Siam bizness but the Monarch at the time snubbed him. So he settled for Sarawak! Later his nephew ceded Sarawak to Britain who in turn ceded it to Malaya/Malaysia - a kind of "Double Cession" which reminds us independence means sending your kids of different ages to school in Double Sessions - the younger in the morning while older in the afternoon for want of enough school buildings!

But as far as Thailand goes, Siamese twins are not "Thais". That must be Thailand's secrets and how they've "shed" so much blood without losing a life!

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