Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No shine in Perak

Pix | Composite of Malaysiakini and Jong

"...Their first obstacle in their journey came when Ipoh crime chief Glen Anthony tried to stop the group from proceeding.

However, Nizar pushed Anthony aside and continued walking into the state secretariat with the rest.

The group did not use the entrance set aside for them, foiling a bid by BN to keep track of their movements inside the state secretariat and state assembly.

However, police and security personnel tried to keep them to the route arranged for them.

Still, the Pakatan representatives - who were supposed to take Lift 3 - took Lift 6 which was meant for the BN...
" Malaysiakini, Mar 30, 2010

Apartheid in Perak DUN?

Whilst the Thai Redshirts sat with the Government to deal with problems, duly elected representatives of the Perak Legislative Assembly were segregrated by the Royal Malaysia Police who herded them into separate entrances and separate lifts.

This can only happen in the State of Perak whose Monarch is supposedly a respected constitutional legal authority.

The PR representatives should have worn red!


DUN Perak, 31 March, 2010
The quality of Malaysia's Yang Berhormat or YBs from UMNO or BN is insulting and despicable. Looked upon by the rural folks as some kind of "earth gods" these legislators present themselves as very dishonorable people. The Bintulu MP, Tiong, of the infamous PKFZ scandal is another. He has been said to be an underworld character or has underworld connections and he sits in another august house, Malaysia Parliament!

On the second day of the Perak Assembly sitting 31 March, 2010, Ipoh, Shaarani Mohamad of Rungkup, again amply demontrated the supposedly "berhormat" legislator he despicably is. Maybe the Sultan of Perak might heed his request. Who knows?

In May, 2009, in the same Legislative Assembly, he had said the "L-word". Maybe he wants to count himself amongst the select few. Dick Cheney said the "F-word" in Congress.


Salak said...

Wonder if the Honorable Yang Berhormat Tuan Hj. Shaari bin Mohd. Noor, PPN, PJK, the elected member of Rungkup, Perak, was present?

He must been very gungho after being honored in April 2009!

Anonymous said...

What shine can there be in Perak since it has been tarnished by the 'berak-u-know-who'?

Jong said...

What do you expect, the bunch of them that made up the Perak BN government are palace-backed, and lawlessness reign.

Salak said...

Well, looks like the royal household never polishes their silverware!

Could they be using complimentary chopsticks?

Anonymous said...

請繼續發表好文!加油加油加油! .........................................

Jarod said...

L!!!! waaaa..... I guess their L is quite steady!