Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Story

Malay American, Halimah Hajar finally found her long lost Alaskan Eskimo mother

Halimah Hajar is a Malay American. She's an American citizen complete with her US passport.

Hajar her father was a Singaporean Malay sailor whose job took him to the US where he finally settled down. He met an Alaskan Eskimo, Kate, and they had two kids Halimah and Zainuddin, who were later sent back to live with relatives in Malaysia.

Halimah finally met her mother, Kate, after much effort with some help via You Tube.

That's some story with a lot of Joy for the Season. You can read all of it at an Alaskan News site!

[Thanks to Jong for the story alert]

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Jong said...

It sure is a beautiful reunion.
Let's hope after the culture shock, Halimah is able to fit in, in Eskimo land.

Salak said...

Non religious awkwardness should be OK. In the more urban US cities, they have synagogues being used as mosques which could frighten off Sarawakians and Malaysians especially politicians of both divides!

She was born in New York and that being back in the US may jog her memories.

But she has courage to make the attempt. Let's hope she can make it. She has tertiary computer training which should help her employment prospects.