Friday, February 18, 2011

Sarawak Mansions | Wherein are plenty of silver threads and golden needles

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Jong said...

Salak, how aptly titled, I like your wits!

The lot of Sarawak cradle robbers in public office - Taib Mahmud and George Chan to name a few, must be mightly proud of their achievement, huh?

Salak said...

These mansions tell the other side of lost natural forest resources of Sarawak at the excesses of their owners. Then there's the documented reports on sexual exploitation of Penan women by Timber Companies like Samling, Shinyang and others.

The perpetrators and their underlings live in these and other like mansions in wealth and splendor and likely than not their spouses are left to sew up their bleeding hearts with golden needles and silver threads!

Anonymous said...

All these mansions have been built with the tears and deaths of many poor. I just pray many of these crooks receive their karmic dues soonest possible.