Saturday, July 9, 2011

BERSIH 9/7 | Hii arrested for "Bersih arrested! Kotor OK" !

Sarawakian Hii arrested

He was arrested. For carrying cards bearing the words - "Bersih, Kotor?"

UPDATE - visuals by Aljazeera

UPDATE - visuals by Malayisakini

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Mr Lonely said...

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Jong said...

This pix tells us that we have no-brainers in Polis di-Raja Malaysia(PDRM)! Arresting a senior citizens for his freedom of choice and expression. Speaks volumes of the calibre of Najib's umno-led regime. No wonder this country is so fcuked up!

Jong said...

These mata-mata are either no brainers or they simply refused to use the little brain they have! Does Uncle Hii pose a security threat to this nation? Remember the 600 Umno bikers aka mat rempits(thugs!) that surrounded PKR HQ in Tropicana, threatened to burn it down, last week? What did Home Minister and his rabid dogs do? Nothing!

They never bothered to round up those trouble-makers - thugs! Terrorists in Middle-east, Irag and Afghanistan today, are instantly shot on sight if they come close to what Perkasa and umno thugs did.

Anonymous said...

Does 80 year old Uncle Hii look a threat to Malaysia's national security?

What's that buffoon Home Minister doing in Najib's cabinet - fighting the Rakyat?

Salak said...

"Datuk" Hii's presence topped Bersih's bill to me!

Watch out for his grandkids, Malaysia ! :))

I salute the "illegal" name Bersih - for what it stands for, the spirit it had set afire in another another senior Malaysian's "Unggun Bersih" and now UMNO /BN is snookered by their "keangkuhan", arrogance, and dumboness!

Let's look out for Mr Hii's cucus!

Salak said...

Mr Lonely,

You're too young to be lonely.

Are you interested in being "Datuk" Hii's adopted cucu? ;)