Saturday, July 9, 2011

BERSIH 9/7 | Police turned BERSIH to kotor!

What had happened this morning in slide/pictures.

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Jong said...

KL shutdown, is Malaysia in 'state of emergency'? One might think that the country is under terrorist attack from AL-Qaeda!

Malaysiakini reports that Najib Razak said he is grateful that the illegal rally in KL yesterday 9 July 2011 did no serious harm to people and property.

- Putz, dense and blur! He still has not realised he is finished, lost everything - people's trust, credibility, integrity except his plastic Rose, no?

Anonymous said...

the organisation bersih is actually kotor, established by kotor people with kotor objectives

Salak said...

The gomen dug their heels in over this and now they got stuck with Achilles on them with Bersih.

Not in this day and age!

BN Malaysia is warped in time.

Speaking at Tahrir Square Egypt PM announced suspension of Police accused of murder during the uprising earlier this year.

In Malaysia, the gomen instead promoted Khalid Abu Bakar, judged negligent as Head of Selangor Police to Deaputy Inspector General of Police !

The IGP and State Police judged negligent and they're applauded as heroes!

And all UMNO Muslims can think of is stone the devils as symbolic in Mecca. We've got plenty here!