Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Malaysia Politics | Nizar's PAS gatecrashes an UMNO Ceramah

Former Perak MB, PAS Leader Nizar Jamaluddin (2nd from Right) at an UMNO ceramah.
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Nizar explains his 'gatecrashing' at UMNO's event to run him down

Harakahdaily | 14 May 2012

May 14: Former Perak Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin's non-conventional act of walking into an 'enemy' event in Kampar last night has raised eyebrows among Malaysians, but the popular Perak politician has defended his presence in the lion's den.

"What is so wrong to sit and hear about my own lies, which I might have forgotten?" Nizar asked back when queried for his comments.

The event organised by Kampar UMNO, after all, was on the topic 'Nizar the Serial Liar", and featured former PKR information chief Hanafiah Man.

Hanafiah was condemning Nizar while adressing the 100-odd attendees when Nizar, who was ousted in the now famous Perak constitutional coup of 2009, walked in and sat beside Radzi Manan, the Kampar UMNO division chief.

According to the PAS central committee member, he was on his way to address his party's event some 150 metres away. "So I asked a friend of mine to give me a ride on his motorbike to the (UMNO) ceramah," he told Harakahdaily.

Recalling the moment, Nizar said Hanafiah suddenly changed his tune and there were silent murmurs from among the speakers.

Nizar said Radzi then advised him to leave to avoid any untoward incident.

"He questioned if I would approve UMNO supporters coming to my event. I replied that I would prefer UMNO members attending my event as it will be easier to pass on information," said the Bukit Gantang member of parliament.

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Jong said...

So proud of the man, so very proud of him, my legitimate Menteri Besar Perak!

Salak said...

After GE13, we should have a crop of leaders, well, in overstating it, who will have some 'dimensions' whos broken old ties and bind themselves in new undertakings.

Hope hope! :))

The other 'way' is less hope! :))