Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doomed at the Dome? | Super Jib's evening koyak !

But Insp.Clouseau was not there. The Bersih panthers were.

Super Jib had to plead, "Stop it!" They weren't there to totally wreck his evening but they weren't happy just to be wallflowers.

Actually had there been a meet with all before the evening it would have taken out the sting in the panther's growls. What happened to those expensive Brit spinners? Or gurus from the LSE? Some friends of BN they are!

You'd have thought London was square just like Dataran Merdeka. Had I been Najib, I'd have hit Paris and painted it all red! This song kept me out of the bathroom boyhood days while big brother yelled and danced while I tugged at my towel and napped back again till he finished.

Maybe Najib's belting out "New York New York" right now! And we're paying for it!!!

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Jong said...

Hahaha!! Yeah, pissed and geram yet so helpless huh? What did he expect, a 'khow-tow' crowd like back home in Bolehland eventho he declared war on own Malaysian citizens at Bersih 3.0 in streets of Kuala Lumpur on 28 April 2012 where peaceful demonstrators were sadistically punished.

Also this is the same man who is allegedly said to be involved in the gruesome murder of Mongolian-French translator Altantuya Shaariibuu of the French Scorpene submarine corruption case, now on-going in French Court.

This uncivilised politician deserves no respect. He must be voted out of office come GE-13.

Salak said...

Very unbecoming of a PM to even utter others as "uncivilized" ! No matter what opponents and adversaries are like.

You're the PM.

Personally, you could be wrong. Your Office must not ever be dragged down !!!

Tak tau ini orang!

With Insp.Clouseau officially on his tail he should at least take leave of absence from Office!