Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NST | The mighty Media Prema quashes Tok Guru

You know I get piqued about NST after been pissed over their "spittooning" of Bersih.

Who are these guys? I found out the group belongs to Media Prema which has muscles worth RM2.4 billions ! Well, with sums like that you get humbled when your internet bandwith and speed suck. Maybe it never occurs to them, you guess, that if they make your life liveable that RM2.4 billions would double or treble and go haywire at RM7.5 billions or RM10.0 bllions.

Who owns the group? Very simply stated, the UMNO(government party) people who captain the economy and who soldier for the country. What UMNO say is not Haram. Police brutality is operability. Now you really get the drift on those 40 Ulamas for Ali Baba. That said, they do give back to the community some RM30.0 millions. Well, to their...their buyers, their captive market!

Johan Jaafar[L] captains Media Prema and no Malaysian alive does not know him as his face flashes over all the media companies he leads in the group - several TV stations including the Government's. He is especially prominent when when his network dishes a spin and he is supposedly generous in his extrapolation of all else that supposedly ticks of our gray matter

This is the house[R] of Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Plain, petty to some, not prosperity to many and hardly the pinnacle of any captain of industry. At any time of his waking life, he might only have RM2.00 in his pocket. He needs little. People say he gives much.

Perhaps, they give it back to him in the security of his house and family. Or what else is there of the flower beds he has around. Kind words and kindness beyond conspicuous prices.

But the house is pretty in its own way for its owner.

Did he tell people to revolt? Did he tell them anything new but affirm and clarify what they did was right? He shared those values with Bersih people and they back and with all others on free will.

So what is a RM2.4 billiions group doing running down an old man who only has RM2.00 in his pocket? What would it cost for anyone to sit and chat with Tok Guru Nik Aziz? Very little. But a lot to MediaPrima, RM2.4 billions actually.

You now know why they say Tok Guru is a dumb old man who knows nuts of the economy.

Don't ask don't tell. Or what you say and do is Haram and the only place for you is hell. Please find out for yourself in the links below.

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