Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tunku Aziz says Ta! Ta!

So Tunku Aziz will not be a law maker any more. Big news! His term was to expire anyway.

Tunku Aziz is a strange guy. Read what he said:

I served Dewan Negara, not as an Opposition proponent but as a loyal citizen for the best interest of the country."

The principal object of that sentence is NOT AS AN OPPOSITION PROPONENT.

A young budding politician of 37-40 years old would tell him off. For what? For being an old jerk. Here was an opportunity for him to preach. The occasion demanded it but like the Bersih incident he ...was him. All he had to do was say something like -

Thank you guys. I may want to go fishing more now but I won't catch any sharks. But before I pack up, I'm overawed at this opportunity in having served my motherland (or was it fatherland) Malaysia. I may have screwed you up from across the aisle but hey! we're doing all this for Malaysia. Whether you're an opposition member or government member we serve our nation. When we fell short you were there. And when you did too, we screwed you up real good. But hey! give me a call if you like fishing! Ta! ta!

Habis! Apalah cakap macam tu? When will it stop in the average Malaysian's mind that the opposition are traitors. PM and DPM and that skunk Ahmad Maslan say that all the time - opposition are traitors! Those skunks in tall songkoks, supporters of UMNO say that moning noon till night. Brahim Ali and Hasan Ali if they didn't say it they meant it. Especially in the kampungs. They're never shy anywhere.

The moment called for it. Tungku Aziz wasn't there at all.

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Jong said...

The man's a downright jerk alright!

If not an 'Opposition proponent', then what was he doing with that "senatorship" appointed by opposition Pakatan Rakyat government? So he was taking DAP/Pakatan for a ride afterall?

Salak said...

He should go fishing. Maybe he has been doing nothing else but.

Here's how he melts on the subject on adherence to the law.

["..the Tunku related how his father was a stickler for rules who would not tolerate it if his son cycled home without a lamp. This anecdote illustrates his father’s fastidious adherence to the rule of law that certainly has had a powerful impact on the Tunku’s future political understanding. ..."] ...FreeMalaysiakini

Orang tua sudah nyanyuk lah! :))

Jong said...

Pity the man, educated yet what has it done to him, can't even think right?!

Salak said...

He might have spent more time in Hyde Park than Malaysia! ;) Away from the clanky bin of those stumping and running down Queen E!

Betul tak? ;)

Salak said...

RPK of Malaysia Today says that UMNO might declare an emergency if they lose. They could do that at some risks. Some are very bad ones.

Immediate is economic. There'll be a scare on markets - investments present and future. But UN foresees much thawing and growth for the region after Burma.

Much of national debt is in the country and especially EPF savings will be junk and the companies they invest in even junkier. With Arab Spring never ending into winter chaste Islamic bonds might be affected.

Divide and rules says RPK is the name of the game. Games have morphed and if bad laws have not been broken and good ones made in it's place we'd never have been around. Earliest laws are in the Torah. Look how people have become better and just keep them as a rememberance of silly days. PM Najib might say this as "uncivized". But it seems Christians forgot to be Muslims who now appear to want to be ancient Christians, in some notable few.

The Head of Malaysian State as RPK describes, looks like virtually a dictator. For emergency declaration he doesn't need a reason. If hypothetically, by some chance he were to have a 150 year old whisky, older than Malaysia, we'd be kaput for no reason. And for this Tunku Aziz and his big lumber or banana trunk stick would prevail.

But civil liberties movement to convince all across the spectrum is valid. That plus others create the dynamics but if solely, not in Malaysia anyway. The main thrust for reform cannot be in one basket or Tunku Aziz stick might break the eggs were it even a big banana stick.

Bad inhumane and unethical rules and laws beg to be broken by default.

As for freedom of expression, let there be. Anything against it begs to be reformed. Wouldn't it be easier if even in the kampung people can sensibly talk about real issues presented properly if RTM and gang, plus Media Prema and gang do good ethical jobs complemented and supplemented by others in an open manner. In any case some would even do topspins and others illustrate the genre of positive and negative ones. There'll be some extra jobs and new talents unearthed.

But RPK says the civil liberties people can all walk to the kampung and be the substiture and build bridges. No need for freedom of expression that he has. People of all intents have been walking all over and in Malaysia so far, other than UMNO, everyone else is hobbling along. Political parties have spent millions doing this and they are still doinng it with mixed results. (

Jong said...

It's obvious RPK like the rest of BN-owned MSM found it an opportunity to spin(that's what he's good at!) to run down DAP/Pakatan as if they had been unfair to Tunku Aziz.

Yes Tunku Aziz deserved to be mocked, cursed and vilified!
So what if he had lived through WWII, the Emergency, May 13 1969, and coming from a police family? The very fact that he could not think straight, tow party lines, and with total disregard for his own party leadership, demonstrates his lack of integrity and responsibility.

The man was so full of himself when he publicly spoke up at the 11th hour, against 'Bersih 3.0 Duduk Bantah' giving BN-controlled MainStreamMedia a field day. Did Tunku Aziz honestly think he would be listened to? He can't be right when 250,000 Malaysians including his DAP leaders, are wrong can he? If he felt so strongly against party policies to support Bersih 3.0 then he should have left the party but he hasn't yet, has he?

Salak said...

Press freedom or freedom of expression doesn't do any good, RPK says in the article.

As things are wonder what Tunku Aziz now will do as Vice Chairman of DAP.

He could achieve better dissent if he's out of DAP as things now stand.

Salak said...


BTW, how would you compare Tengku Razali in UMNO and Tunku Aziz in DAP ?

Jong said...

One, seasoned politician, unafraid, been there, done that while the other so full of himself. Much propriety is expected of him, someone who has accomplished much and no reason to behave the way he did!

You figure out Salak, which is which.

Salak said...

Ya.. ya.. ya..!

I'll go look for Insp.Clouseau and the pink panther show now!

Jong said...

FMT reports: "DAP is reluctant to let Tunku Aziz go and are trying to persuade him to change his mind"

- This is insane! Technically the guy was still Vice Chairman of Dap when Ntv7 "Chat time with Tunku Aziz" was aired, so why was he begging for 2nd chance for BN? Still want him to come back, Guan Eng?

Salak said...


When Tunku Aziz said to respect the PDRM because it was the Legal Authority, that didn't click with me.

With due respect to his experiece, I had expected better of him. He had significant opinions and comments on previous royal commissions which I'll have to dig up.

In between these noises I can't see any reason for that outburst during Bersih. The guy had enough skill to express himself. It was as if he wasn't himself! As if he got his sarung stuck in the car door or something!

Will have to dig more on this.