Friday, May 11, 2012

Super Dude over Dome | It's Super Jib !!!

Graphics |

Thanks, Dan of Penang for the great graphics! Make a claim on the Caliph! ;))

Hope it passes his scrutiny. Super Jib has his u/wear inside out! :))

Watch it, Jib! The Panther's on your tail !

Excusez-moi! Monsieur!!!

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Ubud said...

Will Raja Petra Kamarudin and Razak Baginda be among attendees for free food and drinks courtesy of Malaysian taxpayers, you and I?

Salak said...

Possible. Though with Insp.Clouseau around Razak might not show his mug.

Super Jib has got LSE to spin for him now and some witch who's supposed to be the "inspirational speaker".

A PhD for Rosmah would not be out of order.

What do you reckon?