Monday, July 21, 2008

PAS on UMNO - We'll finish them off!

PAS Spiritual Leader,Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat

"Umno sekarang sudah lemas dan dia nak minta tolong PAS, sedangkan PAS sendiri bekerja keras untuk melemaskan Umno, tetapi apabila Umno lemas sekarang kita nak angkat dia balik, itu bukan kerja kita.

"Biar lemaslah dia, dah 50 tahun kita lawan Umno, bila dia lemas kita lanyak dia...sepatutnya begitu," ujarnya. "

English Translation:

"UMNO is drowning and crying for help at the hands of PAS (in their political rivalry ) but now we have to save them. It's not our job.

We've been battling them for 50 years. They've lost, so let them drown. We'll finish them off.That's the way it goes. [in bitter rivalry]"

UMNO and PAS have been clashing for half a century with PAS having a short stint in BN when Datuk Asri was President. They parted and PAS was embittered by UMNO's "unIslamic" (unchivarous ) backstabs. With the total media industry might at UMNO and BN's disposal, while the Harakah has been deprived of their right for daily cirulation and instead had to eke out a meagre circulation via a two (2) Editions only per month (not 31 days a month) no mere words of Abdullah Badawi carry any weight.

Nik Aziz, PAS's Spiritual Leader does not often mince his words and he won't ever apologise for saying "We'll finish them off".

RPK is blunt. He says UMNO should now "lie in the grave they've [themselves]dug"! Nik Aziz is blunter!

Pak Lah says unity with PAS is important for the sake of Islam. No PAS member will fall for that. Not if Christians, Hindus, Budhhists and atheists voted for them in the last election.

Nik Aziz flatly denied a rift bewteen him and Party President but acknowledged there are differing opinions among members which should underlie any party, not least UMNO by the robust daily clamour.

The only "miracle" UMNO can hope for is if they can engineer Anwar's DNA on Saiful's underwear. Thus the frantic spin wars that's been rolled out the past 14 days! They now want another sample of Anwars blood for a second sampling from which they are supposed to do a profiling. You can't stain anybody's underwear with a "profile" but you can, if you have a blood sample.

Incredible as it may sound, you'll forgive Dear Datuk Nik for sounding extremely harsh. There's bad blood apparently in UMNO's ranks and as the goings-on suggest, they'll stop at nothing.

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