Thursday, July 24, 2008

US is a bully

US is a bully. They want to tell us what to do. Malaysia is a peaceful country and we don't rattle other people. We do not do sabre rattling...well, we only took out the kris from its sheath. We look after citizens well, the economy is fantastic and we also, apart from looking after our people, look after our territory.

It is not proper for Condi Rice to tell us how to look after our country. Our stockpile may not be adequate but we have enough of rice, thank you.

We even treat out opposition leaders like Anwar Ibrahim well. We even took video recordings of him while he was detained last week. We cannot release this yet, as we are afraid it might be doctored. Well, you know ... it could be pictures of somebody abusing his maid included. So please be patient. It will be released.

Meanwhile stay off from of our country.

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