Friday, July 25, 2008

Rice did not relent : Rais only got more roiled!!!

Apparently, we lost Pulau Batu. I'm outdated! Sorry about that.

Anyway, must try to be relevant!

So Rais Yatim did the only "honorable" thing any Malaysian BN Minister can try to do. Defend Malaysian Government government's sodomy prosecution of Anwar affair. Rais told Rice, all these news about persecuting Anwar are not correct, that it was not true, nothing. So Rais said it was rojak. It was all according to Malaysian laws.

Rice stood firm on priciples.

But apparently even Malaysians don't believe Rais. Not when he always has his fly open!

There will be many things Malaysia BN government cannot defend. Many things they do are indefensible. Not because others say so. Not because the Star says so.

Rais never zips up!

Our BN Government Ministers should change their gear. Don't wear pants! Wear sarung!!!

But they might not relent! We may have to wear sarung. As Azly Rahman says---"One nation under God in "Sarong" protesting" against these bohong!

Isn't it ironic? For a nation that eats bread only, the US has more "rice"!

The US also have liars. Bush lied. But Bush and his party will be thrown out of Government, well before 2010!

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