Monday, September 1, 2008

SARAWAKIANS: Pak Lah, your Budget ain't mean nothin'!

Sarawakians - hurting at the top!

Whilst Jeff Ooi of PR calls the 09 Budget a handyplast budget for the bleeding Malaysians of lower incomes, hurting on the current double digit inflation, Sarawakians say, Abdullah Badawi's maestro stroke at financial management ain't mean nothing!

I was down at Bandar Samariang Baru yesterday in Petra Jaya, some 20km out of Kuching, a day before Puasa and stopped by a grocery shop to get a cigarette lighter. While digging for my loose coins I chanced to ask how bizness was like.

You know they would answer, "Ok lah sikit!"

I persisted, "Macam ne jualan, laku sik?"

Reluctantly he offered some insights, "Dolok kamek jual 200 beg beras dan laku semua!"

"Sekarang?", I pressed on.

"Kinik tok, 100 beg aja laku!" he lamented. "Tapi, shampoo ngan barang macam ya, masih OK!"

I suppose those in the residential areas he services, a mix of larger groups of low-cost houses to lower-medium costs ones, have started fasting and it seems inflation is double digit!

But, despite that, his customers have to keep body and soul intact and maintain their health and keep their hair healthy, even though they are far off the boundaries of being wealthy!

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