Monday, September 1, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim : Name your working Shadow Cabinet now!

Soon after Permatang Pauh was done and dealt with and the official position stated on 27 August, I asked this question ...

Now that we've laid some spirits to rest, how's that 09 Budget Proposals this Friday?

Apparently, nobody had any glimpse of the 09 Budget prior to Friday 29 August except those few in the dark corridors of power. I would have thought a complete set of the papers would have been with the MPs, BN or Opposition MPs. Ok they could have been temporarily embargoed till a certain date. But Malaysian citizens should have been privy to a preview from their MPs. How do you expect to intelligently respond to an amount some RM$210 billion to be spent just from Dollah Badawi's couple of sheets of speech? Are Malaysians amoebas?

The Opposition MPs, those from PR have no excuse not to have a few right people to dissect the Budget even before speech day. OK, so Anwar has just won the Pauh elections and everybody was busy fighting the the Total BN Government machinery. Still, it's no excuse! We would be naive if PR does not have a working central system to crunch every crisis and problem they face. It is now IMPERATIVE for Anwar Ibrahim to tell us, PR has a visual Shadow Cabinet. Anything less is inexcuseable.

So this is the month of Ramadhan! But we still have a lot of living to do. Ramadhan is not a truce for anything. Doing right and good has no break, no truce! Can we "forbid good" and "command wrong"
in Ramadhan?


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Many thanks and may Ramadhan bring us inspiration and enlightenment!

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