Saturday, February 7, 2009

Perak State Security: MB Nizar's Office and Residence

PR Party members stand guard at MB's residence and office gate, while the
Federal Government and Police guard access to UMNO party premises.


from [XXXX]
to Salak
date Sat, Feb 7, 2009 at 9:33 PM
subject Gopeng Road belongs to UMNO?

9:33 PM (35 minutes ago)

The whole of Jalan Gopeng leading to UMNO has been closed since Friday and I just checked with residents living around there that they have been much inconvenienced by the detours put up by police when they need to get in and out of their residence.

I find this baffling, why should the road infront of UMNO be closed 24 hours a day since Friday? What is there in UMNO Perak HQ that they need the police protection? Who instruct this road closure? Is UMNO the government?

I find this sheer blatant abuse of power!


shrek said...

Perhaps they are afraid someone may break in and ransack or burn UMNO office. Now UMNO is afraid of bayang bayang and very paranoid.

Salak said...

Well, shrek, considering so many skeletons in Najibs cupboards, he's still gila bayang! :)) Gila of the PM's post!!! And resorting to all these but self-serving virtuous means!

BTW, if you open his cupboard, how many shrunken heads do you think will fall out!?

Jong said...

I never knew shrunken heads grow back?

shrek said...

Unlike the brave Dayak headhunters who display the heads the coward Najis have to hide his in a cupboard. Probably a lot of dickheads

Salak said...

No, Jong! Shrunken heads don't!

I suppose only "kepala angin" blows!

Salak said...

Oh, where is peng, argh?

On a Vigil?

Jong said...

Peng? I'm sure she's reading your every word so my advice is watch what you say! HA! :D

Salak said...

And the other hothead, Jarod!?

He might be carrying a pair of red clogs! :)

Salak said...

From :

One of the participants at the vigil says that people have pledged to wear black on this Tuesday as a sign of protest.

We are now heading to the MB's official residence to have a look."

So dig out all your black baju!!!

Jong said...

You guys didn't know - I was wearing black yesterday when the sultan installed the phoney MB!

Malaysia is truly land of "Bolehs" - we had 2 mayors in Kuching, not 2 Menteri Besar in Ipoh! WOW!

Salak said...

And a Prime Minister who has a forked tongue! :))

Jong said...

oops, sorry correction on my last post, should read:

"Malaysia is truly land of "Bolehs" - we had 2 mayors in Kuching, now 2 Menteri Besar in Ipoh! WOW!"