Thursday, May 7, 2009

PERAK | May 7 - Crisis-heightens | Pictures

Pictures by kind courtesy of Jong

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When tempers rose ...tongues loosened!

[Left] Several uniformed police personnel grab hold of Sivakumar and forcibly remove him from the speaker's chair.

[Right] Rungkup BN State Assemblyperson Shaarani Mohamad caught in action with the "L"-Word during the Perak
state legislative assembly yesterday.

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The Police and non-uniformed Police personnels' behavior were reportely outrageous.

The pictures are testimony to the obnoxious presence of the FRU, Uniformed and plainclothes policemen.

Nasi Kandar shopAt a Nasi Kandar shop near the Democracy Tree, they nabbed anybody wearing black T-Shirts roughly and spilled curry dishes in the process. The Shopowner was ordered to close.

Those others, NGO members, including some YB's from PR with the Agong's pictures were also detained. A PAS supporter boldy holding the green moon flag was hustled off. In all these rumble-tumble, they let off an elderly couple who were fortunate enough to have had lunch before the Nasi Kandar was ordered closed for business.

For the morning of May 7th, Ipoh citizens and visitors were depressed by Police actions, as if imprinted with the idea and feeling of being in a Police State.


Anonymous said...

I read someone commented that the behavior yesterday (of the mata-mata & their bosses) was savage. Savage acts by savages? Would they headhunt next? And turn into cannibals?
Being ashamed of yesterday is an understatement. We have been robbed of our rights to think, feel and decide.
Welcome to another era of pro-M. This PM is more heinous than his mentor. In his first 100 days in office, he's sending people to jail!

Jong said...

Lawlessness and police brutality has plagued Perak! It is also a big crime to be wearing BLACK!

PDRM is seen to be taking things into their own hands and behaving like lawless bastards than an organized civil force for maintaining public order, protecting the rakyat, preventing and detecting crime, and enforcing the laws. They have instead been behaving like mafia gangs out to intimidate and instill fear on concerned citizens and is obvious to be working hand-in-glove with their political masters UMNO/BN!

I saw it with my own eyes how two curious senior citizens after their morning walks were dragged away for the simple reasons - they were curious at the heavy presence of police FRU Black Marias and Water-cannon trucks that lined the road right infront of Perak State Assembly.
Is Perak in a 'state of emergency'?

Another elderly guy was enjoying his cigarette puffs some 300 meters away was also dragged away for no ryhme or reasons, a security threat with a lighted cigarette in hand? Yes it's "NO" to black attires and the law is in their hands. Roadblocks were everywhere in Ipoh and many were questioned why they wear black, and where they were heading to. That's downright intimidation!

All roads that could lead to Perak State Secretariat was closed as far as 2 km away and traffic was paralaysed, frustrating people going about their daily chores! School-going children and office workers were much inconvenieced with the major road closures.

Without a doubt all these actions inside and outside the Perak State Assembly have helped to create more rakyat's hate and animosity for UMNO and Barisan Nasional not only in Perak but throughout the whole country. How can we ever want to vote in a government under that banner to "RULE" the country? They may have won the battle of 7 May 2009 but they have hoplessly lost the war of public opinion!

I can't wait for GE-13!

Jong said...

And oops, looks like it's also a crime to hold up a picture of our King, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, no?

Janice Lee, Adun for Teratai, Selangor was dragged into the Black Maria just because she was holding on to the picture of our King. Yes, they arrested her as early as 9am.

Salak said...

They've just advertised to the world Malaysia is regressing instead of progressing even in these hard times.

But BN could well be digging their graves, perhaps sooner than they'd like to admit!

Salak said...


Is this YB J Lee? - DRAGGED OFF!And is that the poster of YDP Agong she's holding?

The Home Minister, IGP should be sued for Sedition!!!

Anonymous said...

To the one who coined '1Malaysia' , let's change it to '1Sh*t' and that's the BN government

Jong said...

Yes, that's Janice! Why the handcuff is that necessary on an ADUN, petite of her size? Shame on those mafia-like bastards! I am so upset watching such despicable behavior of Malaysian police!

I believe they were briefed and directed to go all out to round up all the people's elected representatives from all opposition parties and those wearing black with opposition party emblems. All those arrests - 69 and still continuing, are politically motivated!

One PAS guy who was standing with me walked away to buy lunch was arrested because he was holding on to a PAS umbrella! Can you believe that?!!

Jong said...

I like to bring the attention of all to the 2nd
set of slides above - there was this elderly couple in their 70s and early 80s
from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
They came together in a convoy of cars arrived 5am in Ipoh, to give support to Perakians in their darkest hours in Perak history. To Mr & Mrs Lam, we salute you and thank you for leading by example - yes, integrity, conscience and principles
makes a successful politician.

Salak said...

It's such a momentous event for Perak and Malaysia, they didn't want to miss it. Hopefully, they'll see better things in not too long from now.

Jarod said...

Pity YB and those involved... Aiyoh... Why la MArah marah... Chill guys and girls.... As much as we are angry, we have to wait for more people to "heat up" and make a NO TURNING BACK to BN!! After all, we wanted a sinking UMNO right? So be it.

This is the way to END their RULING and for once bring back DEMOCRACY to MALAYSIA! Ah... I feel we are getting closer... :)