Thursday, May 7, 2009

PERAK | May 7 - Crisis heightens

Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak - yesterday's picture
Pix - Courtesy of Jong

Information coming from Ipoh, by phone and SMS., some 300 meters from the DUN Building.

7:50am - Zambry Kadir was spotted driving into the DUN premises

8:45am - The following have been arrested:

# Air Keroh DAP ADUN KooPuai Tiong and 5 others for holding up Agong's picture

# Ampang KL ADUN Zuraidah Kamaruddin whilst making a statement in front of DUN building

# 6 more arrested holding Agong's picture


# ADUN Teratai Selangor, Janice Lee arrested for displaying Agong's picture.

These spate of arrests are hopefully temporary detentions. If all of the ADUN expressing nationalism or national sentiments, and officially arrested it will be a sad state of affairs!

# Looks like they got Zorro, too, unmasked, near the DAP Office! Councillor from Seberang Perai, Penang, Oon Neoh Aun, nabbed, too!

9:30am - Members of Parliament Lim Kit Siang and Kula (Ipoh Barah), invited to the DUN session have been denied entry to DUN.

They're going to Senam Police Station as those arrested were taken there.

A rough count made on site, gave a total of about 20 arrests before 10.00am!

9:50am The Speaker of the Dewan's Chair is reported to be rigged with odd things from the Bomoh! This is ridiculous, childish and hardly civilized acts!

10:08am - The Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak started at 10.00am, unconfirmed news abound, let's wait for further info!

Another site is also carrying Live Reports, check Anilnetto at
10:25am - Shouts are heard coming from the Dewan - "Keluar!". Not identified which side is shouting at which! PR or BN? Reportedly uproarious and sounded like utter confusion!

10:35am - The Speaker Sivakumar has ordered 10 BN ADUNs to leave Dewan. They are standing their ground. 7 of the 10 had been earlier suspended by the Speaker, before this sitting whilst the 3 are the 2 PKR members who defected and 1 DAP lady member, HEE.

Zuraidah Kamaruddin

Some of those arrested - (L-R)
Zuraidah (ADUN), Janice Lee (ADUN), Zorro (Blogger)

11:00am - There has just been further chaos! Speaker went to see Raja Nazrin, Deputy Speaker snatched microphone and now it looks like a gangland fight in a Malaysian Legislature, the legal supreme authority in the State of Perak

11:15am - In the chaos, its difficult to discern legality and proper order in the DUN, but apparently, there appears to be a gross usurpation usurping of the power of the speaker! And ultimately to a CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE of Government??? Some thing is grossly wrong!!!

The rightful Speaker, Sivakumar, went to see Raja Nazrin to accompany him home! That was when the scuttle for the mike took place! And because of that that the issue is settled?

12:40pm - DUN Perak, if it can be called "Undangan" (Legislature), has resumed.

The Usurpers have by some means, snatching the mike, now installed a certain Ganesan, as the new Speaker. Sivakumar's mike has been disabled, most likely by public servants minding the audio system!

What is amazing is that they haven't thrown bananas around, as they did in Taiwan legislature!

12:50pm - PR DUN members now question validity of new Speaker, whose credential is "a public civil servant". (To be further clarified.)

A Speaker should correctly be from a member of the Dewan, having gained his place by being voted in a State Election.


Anonymous said...

So holding the Agong's photo is now an offence? What about those putting up his picture in the office? Kena tangkap juga?

Anonymous said...

Snatching of mike? What rude manners? What indiscipline!
I think this Perak saga is going on too long. It's time the Sultan steps in to do something!

Salak said...

It's very murky water now, peng!

Lim Kit Siang, when refused entry went to Sungai Senam Police Station where arrested persons this morning were taken to!

I thought that staying back at the Dewan even outside would be more pertinent, whilst others took care of the arrest matter with the Police!

Dewan now in day recess. Should resume at 12.00 noon if not 2.00 pm today!