Thursday, May 7, 2009

PERAK | May 7 - Crisis-heightens | Part 2

Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak - yesterday's picture
Pix - Courtesy of Jong

Information coming from Ipoh, by phone and SMS. Commentators are under siege, as some who went out for food would not be allowed back past Police blocks.

12:40pm - DUN Perak, if it can be called "Undangan" (Legislature), has resumed.

The Usurpers have by some means, snatching the mike, now installed a certain Ganesan, as the new Speaker. Sivakumar's mike has been disabled, most likely by public servants minding the audio system!

What is amazing is that they haven't thrown bananas around, as they did in Taiwan legislature!

12:50pm - PR DUN members now question validity of new Speaker, whose credential is "a public civil servant". (To be further clarified.)

A Speaker should correctly be from a member of the Dewan, having gained his place by being voted in a State Election.

1:00pm - Zambry Abdul Kadir, the other purported Menteri Besar, wass reported to be absent from 2nd Session of the day. Comments were passed that he might be further sending the situation into murkier territory.

Salahuddin Ayub, MP and PAS Youth ChiefKubang Krian MP, Salahuddin Ayuh, also PAS Youth Chief, was also arrested earlier, in the morning.

1:50pm - Speculation and suspicion have been cast by the public that Zambry Abdul Kadir's absence in the second part of the Day's Session is linked to the immanent address of Perak's Ruler, further embroiling what is already a dark state of affairs.

2:05pm - Meanwhile, outside the DUN only the FRU, Policemen and their riot vehicles are visible: a little like a state of emergency, where free men are not aloud to enjoy their usual freedom.

The Legitimate Government before crisis
2:20pm - Sounds from the Dewan verified a ruckus. Calls of "Bubar" (Dissolve) filled the air.

The Police have entered the Dewan!!! (Whatever happens to the Sargeant-At-Arms notion?) Has the Police broken rarified sanctity and sacrements of the Legislature/ House?

It appears that Ganesan is prevented from using the microphone. PR House members call for Police to leave the Dewan.

Speaker dragged offBN DUN members are attempting to remove the Speaker, Sivakumar by physical force but are prevented by PR House members who have surrounded him!

It looks like soon fists may fly!

2:20pm - The Speaker, Sivakumar has been physically removed from his seat, "dragged" out of the Dewan, aided by Police from outside, not the duly sanctioned security embodied by the Legislature.

2:59pm - Some 50 Mata-mata, Special Branch Police and Public Servants ganged up to push Sivakumar out from the Dewan. Raja Nazrin is reported to have come in and the "Public Employee" Ganesan has taken over.

Sivakumar apparently has been bundled into his car which then left the DUN Building.

After 3.00pm, I lost track of what happened. What seemed very odd immidiately are -

(1) A lawfully elected member of the State Assembly of Perak, in the position of the House Speaker, was today physically removed from the august Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak; the means, which should be provided under the Laws, of which the DUN Perak is the Legislature.

(2) A certain "Ganesan", not presented to the House as a lawfully elected representative, duly voted by the people of Perak, had been instated as the lawful Speaker, facilitating the process of the address by the RMP of Perak, Raja Nazrin.

No doubt in the ensuing days more will become clear which may foretell deeper problems in the execution of the State systems whose veracity and integrity are challenged and unduly met. Even more foreboding perhaps is how the economic gloom will further affect the situation with systems in disarray. This aptly reflects the national imbrioglio enveloping Malaysia, the nation.

The events today have not resulted in any productive or positive outcomes. Instead, things appear to worsen politically and constituionally, signs that the nation will face greater wastage of resources at the expense of the rakyat.

Thanks to friends in Ipoh for the information. Their involvement may hopefully not jeopardize their personal safety, as even now with the pervasive presence of the Police and Federal Reserve Unit, many have been said to be reluctant to venture out for fear of their safety from the unpredictable actions of the authorities.

It is hoped discussions will be generated from the events today, at anywhere else for a learning citizenry.


pengthots said...

Salak, I am so ashamed to see my state assembly speaker being manhandled and physically dragged out of the dewan!
Are my eyes telling lies! Or is this Malaysia or some uncivilized country and society?
Now we are the laughing stock of the world!
Foreigners will ask us if our hobby is headhunting, our home on trees and our hobby is tree-swinging!

Salak said...

It's a sad day for Malaysians. Some have expressed outrage at the way our systems have been defiled today.

The grim possibility of further defiling are there. What happened today will be debated further and significant legal issues distilled and articulated.

We should hear more of this, unfortunately.

Gives you little comfort at the wastes heaped on the rakyat because of abuses like these, occuring today.

Salak said...

This is what UMNO/Najis does best - sheer thuggery n force to steal a state... the only way they can win!

I am so gerum ANGRY with this disgraceful n shameful episode.

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