Wednesday, May 6, 2009

PERAK : Will the Limbo rock?

All that citizens of Perak may really want is a bright new day tomorrow, 7th May. This would do just as well for other Malaysians to make any meaning to what is and should be an ordinary Malaysia day - just another Malaysia day, not 1 or 2 or '3Malaysia' day. Drop the prefix, many would growl!

There's nothing they can do about the loss of 30 years of Tin production. There might be something we could do about what is left and what's been gained.

DUN Perak
Our PM Najib Razak was busy in Sabah yesterday. He had bought a badly built Sabah Medical Center to be used for the ordinary Sabah Malaysians. It's curious whether Sabahans would have any better health with a badly build hospital. No doubt the wealthy Sabahan/UMO Owners who badly built it would continue to be healthy, after being bailed out. This money, some RM250 million (after payment of bad completed works-in-progress) might as well be used to buy anti H1N1 vaccines or at least to pay for all quarantine and prevention efforts. We'll need money for that, not for cronies who didn't do their jobs right.

So Malaysians would like a good ordinary and meaningful Malaysian Day tomorrow.

And this day tomorrow we hope would be a special good day. It should be, as in Ipoh tomorrow, genuinely concerned Malaysians will begin it with the Dawn Prayers, the "Subuh" prayers to be led by the Pakatan Rakyat members and supporters.

We hope too, that the ordinary Policemen who will be on duty tomorrow to do their dream job of quelling so-called "trouble-makers" will see very peaceful Malaysians out to express their minds of what's wrong with the State and country. For if the the same Policemen would do their Dawn Prayers, there should be no difference to the "real job" they have to do---ie to provide safety to Perak citizens.

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