Sunday, April 3, 2011

A letter from Fukushima

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Salak said...

Thanks, Jong for the headzup.

Considering now the catastraphe unfolding in Fukushima out of the mess from the nuke plant, it's a low blow to the average citizen as one Japanese public servant puts it:

"This disaster is 60 percent man-made. They failed in their initial response. It's like Tepco dropped and lost a 100 yen coin while trying to pick up a 10 yen coin."

Jong said...

We sure have alot to learn from the Japanese people especially this
9-year old while the country scrambles to battle a nuclear disaster!

Anonymous said...

Out of the bad, comes the good...countless Japanese people show altruistic care n concern for one another. What grace n beauty amidst these harsh n critical times..a shinning example of humanity at best. God bless them all!

Salak said...

The real danger is in the TEPCO plant which they want to entomb with concrete. Earthquakes have been popping up in Japan all these years as the country sits on top of volcanoes, North to South.

Things must have been very bad to evoke this noble humane response from such a little soul.

You'd wish this essence has crept into the private sector system while the government is held captive.

The full version of the original letter concludes with:

["...It reminds me of a phrase that I once learned in school, a capitalist theory from the old man, Fuwa [Tetsuzo], chairman of the Japanese Communist Party: "If Marx comes back to life, he will have to add a phrase to his book, Capital, and that Communist ideology is only successful in Japan"..."]

You can read the Full letter in the link I left.