Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sarawak Elections | What for?

When Lady Hodgeson (min 0:20 sec) mentioned Taib’s speech, her response was well coated, and by her “lordy-wordy” polite jargon, “these problems are shared”. She is merely saying Taib and his policies sucks.

Taib curi tanah, kayu, tanam palm oil – where got land to plant food left. Sarawak’s agriculture is in a mess. There’s no farming culture but “curi culture”.

She is saying – “Taib, you’re telling us nothing new. We’ve got enough problems and you’re coming here and telling us to mess more of it up! We’re not dumb. We heard you curi tanah and curi balak!”

Food supply in Sarawak and Malaysia is no joke, ah! Gomen say we want to maintain 70% safety margin, whatever that means. It’s like eating 10 grains of rice, 3 of which you have to buy from overseas.

If world food supply has been screwed up by jerks like Taib, the shortage globally will bring more trouble. Those money robbers will short supply of grains on the market and we won’t be able to afford to eat 7 grains then. Don’t talk about buying 3 overseas.

What with our household debt[#] hitting the roof and increasing by some RM25 billions from RM486 billions this year and going up to RM511 billions next year, mati kena otang, lor!

It doesn’t matter how much money they can fcuk into the system. It matters you’re going to be forced into “otang”!

Which means it’s slavery! They’re forcing you into slavery.

This is in addition to forcing you to let them mess up your Bible by defacing it.

You can take back some respect lah. How? How about putting Taib, PBB and the whole lot of them on the cross. But when voting you mark PR lah! :D


- Quoted from HornbillUnleashed

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